Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Raya preparation


Hello hello everybody..anyone miss me?i know i know it's been a while i didn't write down something here..today is already 26th Ramadhan..so fast eh?where the time has gone lah..we are going to celebrate Eidulfitri in just another 4 days..insyaAllah :)

How's your preparation so far?baju raya semua dah ade ke?of course bab baju raya ni the kids lah yang meriah kan..me and hubby only have one baju melayu and baju kurung,sorang sepasang..hehe while the kids only-god-knows berapa pasang sorang mak die rembat..hahaha and thank God sebab kitorang dah shopping raya before fasting lagi..kalau tak kompem pengsan nak shopping time2 puasa ni..dengan sesaknya, dengan panasnyua dengan perut lapornye, dengan kids nyer..semua tempat kot manusia selaut...huh! 

But last Sunday, we managed to go to Alamanda on our way to MIL's house..but a bit frustrated as we didn't find the shoes for Ana..tak de kasut raya lah awak nanti yer..kat maner lagi nk cari kasut yg cantik2 for girls eh?sempat ke lagi ni..emm but as Poney was on sale i grabbed 2 pairs of jeans for Ana and 1 pair for Ammar..so you all punya baju raya done!

Last week jugak, i started baking some raya cookies and chocolates for my sis's wedding..and everything was settled in one week and i had distributed some to my MIL and SILs..the rest will be bring back to kampung..oh no no, i didn't make those complicated cookies which need those special technique and heavy decorations..i only made those which is easy to handle..mix, knead a bit, roll or gentel and bake!haha gile pemalas kan..but the stubborn side of me really want to try this one CUTE cookies called mushroom cookies which need me to whip up some colourful icing sugar for the decorations..the icing sugar was ok at first, i divided them to few portions and mix each with one color and as i was ready to 'keraskan tangan' drawing the mushroom, suddenly my son who was asleep earlier called me for 'nenen'..so i went upstairs for about half an hour..as i came down the icing sugar i whipped up earlier was already melted..huwaa..terus tak cantik my cookies..nyesal!so i learnt my lesson rite!haha

On top of that, i had few recipes i would like to share with you guys which i had tried for iftar..but bare with me..my next post must be after raya as i will be busy with the wedding..macam aku pulak nak kawen..hehe

InsyaAllah i akan balik kampung on Thursday..can't wait!

So selamat hari raya in advance to all..maaf zahir dan batin!balik kampung drive elok2, ingatlah orang yang tersayang..wassalam :)

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