Friday, July 6, 2012

Cooling off in Cameron Highland (Day one)

Unfortunately..Cameron was hot!oh yes..i mean it!not like the last time we were there last 2 years..and guess what there were few bushes along the way up were on fire..pelik tapi benar..instead of Tapah route, we took the safer and less winding route via Simpang Pulai..we didn't feel like we were on a was indeed a very scenic drive..from a limestone caves, clusters of orang asli  selling local fruits,honey and then you can see greens on all your way uphill..with that u know u are reaching Cameron..even it's still hot!

Surprisingly, when we get there (in front of Equatorial hotel lobby), i could sense the cool weather and chilled breeze greeting us as i jumped out the car..hoyeahh!we are in cameron..tenang hati mak..hihi we checked in and got into the room before went downstairs to the Coffee Shop for late lunch..i ordered a plate of nasi goreng but it was too spicy and my nephew helped me finished it mak tercangak2 kelaparan and went to the room to feed Ammar and let him sleep before the party started.

At 430pm, all of us went to Coffee Shop again for the party!me and hubby were a bit late tapi takpela at least the cousins could help us on balloons and decorations. Unfortunately, the service was a little bit frustrating cause the foods was not yet served even it was already 5pm..the cake pon sampai we used the time to take pictures..pose sana pose sini!hihi

The party started at about 515pm...HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAN ANA KHADEEJA..she was so excited as soon as she saw the cake..she blew the candles, cut the cake, and play,play and play..all i can say is she really had fun and that was a blast!



For the menu, we ordered Fried Bihun Singapore (yet they gave us fried yellow sama?em not sure about that..tapi takpelah sbb theme yellow kan..haha), assorted sandwiches, bread butter pudding, cream puffs, sliced fruits, coffee and tea. The foods were so-so..ok jerlah..i did tapau some foods from home just to add some variety to the menu.. i fried some popcorn chickens, pop cakes and mango delight for desserts. 

After the celebration, we got some rest in our room. After Maghrib, we had a night walk around the hotel but halfway there, someone gave the idea to go to the famous Pasar Malam somebody need to climb up and get the car..haha hubby and ciksu volunteered and we drove there..ramainye manusia!i just bought 4 bouquet of roses for RM10..murah gile hokay! and this cute stuff for cute rite!:)

Will continue with our second day at Cameron later..have a nice day!

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