Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Can't wait!


Anybody there?Tak update few days rasenye cam lame sangat..hihi however, this is just a short one!

Kenapa i tak online?Definitely because i've been busy with  my daughter's birthday party tomorrow ..woot woot!The first plan was celebrating at the Palas Tea Centre, Cameron while enjoying the beautiful scenery of tea plantation..unfortunately, they don't have any packages for birthday party and the foods choices are very very limited and pricey too (according to my readings)..sad!but naaakk jugak buat kat situ so i tried to talk to the managers there and asked him whether he can reserve the table for us but since it is Saturday he afraid the place will be full and he cannot promise he can reserve enough seats for us..sad lagi!

Then, hubby browsed tru the Equatorial hotel's website (where we will stay) and he said there are Coffee shops there which can entertain small number of guest who want to have a small party, so we called the FB manager of the hotel, discussed the menu, they sent us quotation, we confirmed , payment made and insyaAllah tomorrow we will!

Here's some of my preparation. not much la tak macam tahun lepas macam2 i beli.. tahun ni kids tak ramai since Dammam's cousins are not here so tak merrier barang2 yang di beli pon sikit2 saja..just a small doorgift sebagai tanda :)

We'll talk about the menu later..kalau sedap i kata sedap, kalau tak sedap siap!haha planning to bake some pop cakes and whip up some mango delight from Kak Rima's kitchen as a dessert..oh ya..the birthday theme is yellow everything must be yellow in colour..hehe eh i ade ke baju yellow?emm..

Oh ye..sesape lagi nak order tarts, cakes, or cream puff do email me ya..tq :) 

p/s : ini adalah post yg sudah basi..hihi stay tuned!

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