Monday, July 9, 2012



I'm not gonna post anything about Cameron..first reason, the photos are still with my hubby and second i'm not in the mood..cewah!my hubby flew off to Bangkok yesterday for 4 days and insyaAllah will be home on Wednesday which leave us desperately boring at home..wuuuuu...misss youuu...

This morning i drove to Poslaju to post out my cousin's parcel..and i thought i dah tersesat because as i reached in front of the building, the gate was closed and suddenly the building looked unfamiliar to me as it is blue instead of orange before. 

So, i pusing pusing pusing..kot2 betul2 i salah lorong kan..siap set up Garmin lagi..haha and i drove ikot Garmin bawak la kan..and i reached the same place again..haa betullah tempat i asked the guard there, and he said poslaju dah pindah 2-3 bulan dah..and i asked him the new location for poslaju..nasib baik die pon tau..hehe so i post out the parcel, tapau kids favourite nasi ayam KFC Bukit Jelutong, tapau my lunch kat uitm..kami sampai rumah pukul 12 tadi..fed the kids and sekarang both dah tido..phew!moral of the day, need to go to Subang Parade and update my Garmin later :)

Since i didn't cook lunch, I baked this for Ana (read :ibu :D)..kot2 die lapar petang nnt..sebab lunch awal tadi kan..

And here is my kids's pose during our baju raya hunting at Midvalley and Alamanda last week..we were too early since pre-ramadhan sale will only start somewhere around this week..haha but there were few boutiques are on sale already..tapi tak banyakla..few friends suggested Cotton on kids..they have nice outfits for children..insyaAllah pasni i nak ajak hubby pergila..kat OU ade kan?..have a nice day!nak lipat kain!bye!

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