Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Princess Ana Khadeeja!


Sorry for not updating for quite some times..i was too busy with kenduri, balik kampung, and tart orders thingy!huh!

Lots and lots of things to write here but very2 limited time lor..tomorrow we'll be going to Kuantan for hubby's bestfriend's wedding..and later we plan to stay at Gambang Resort for a night before heading back here on Sunday!sure tiring!

I have another row of laundry here which i need to settle by today..semalam dah buat 'kuih lapis' bertingkat2 sampai cramp pinggang, kalau balik kampung camnilah selalu..basuh kain 2 3 hari tak sudah2 jugak..hehe but thanks Allah for the hot weather cepat jer kain kering!and today,right after i post this i need to fold all the laundry, susun dalam wardrobe and start packing for our short trip tomorrow..kalau tak petang, malam nilah kot..depends on my kerajinan..muahahaa :) 

Anyway, last 2 days (6th June 2012) was my princess's 3rd birthday..HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR..dah 3 tahun dah anak ibu..where the time has gone? my du'a, may Allah grant you good health, shower you with all the blessings, success in this life and the a good muslimah and speak fluently pliss..haha i loe you soo muchh!! 

This picture was taken yesterday, our pre-birthday celebration for dear Ana..we brought her to D'Serai at Empire Gallery for lunch treat..tersangatla tak sempat nak baking any cake for her so i just bought 3 slices of SR's Butterscotch pecan, Chocolate Indulgence and Dark Choc cheese cake each! that was good enough for our simple hi-tea at home :)

Later peeps!Enjoy your weekend!