Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Breastfeeding journey (Weaning)


Surely it's not easy!It's a long goodbye- emotional, sometimes painful but freeing at the same time. Me personally took few weeks to successfully wean my first kid off and i had another challenge in another few months as my 2nd son is already 1year and 4months..but i'm in no hurry,neither he is :)

As promised, here are some tips through my readings and self experience on weaning my i said before , i weaned Ana because i got pregnant again and i chose to wean for few reasons, but breastfeeding while pregnant is something normal and recommended by the doctors . However, when u are pregnant, your breast and nipples will be tender and every suction will make u feel painful. Tsk!:(

I started by introducing her with formula milk, Sustagen chocolate since she didn't like the taste of the original milk, but soon i found out that she's easily having problem when it's time to poo-poo and always constipate. I guess the brand didn't suit her so i changed to Dumex chocolate milk..Alhamdulillah till now she loves the taste and never have problem with her digestion system. 

We went shopped for a special bottle for her with a built-in straw,i chose Tommietippe brand.. u also can buy cups, this is depends on your kids..let her choose the color and cartoon..this is to attract her psychologically. 

When weaning, most mothers facing problem when it comes to bedtime. As the 1yo or 2yo kids take solids already, when they demand for milk before bedtime, that's not because they are hungry but they are used to the routine. Usually the breastfeeding baby or toddler will nurse,right before bedtime until they drift away. Change the routine may helped. Instead of nursing, read them their favourite books, and get ready with a cup of milk beside your bed, give them the milk and lul them to sleep. There may be some crying involves during the first few days but hang on there and be patient.

The weaning must be step by step. I divided the milk sessions into 3! Breakfast, Before Nap,and Before Bedtime. Pada permulaan, give them 2 bottles of formula milk (bfast+before day nap) per day but still continue breasfeeding day and night as usual. And don't forget the meal in the middle ya. No rush, this is an adjustment time. A week later, give them 3 bottles of formula milk (bfast+before day nap+before bedtime)(kalau jenis kuat menyusu boleh tambah another bottle pada waktu ptg) but hanya direct breastfeeding during the night. Kalau boleh avoid apa2 yang ingatkan dia pada breast pada siang hari. A week later, give them 3 bottles of formula milk (bfast, before day nap and before bedtime) bancuh susu siap2 bawak masuk dalam bilik before bedtime.  Get ready physically and mentally. This is one struggle week! This is really depend on your kid, sesetengah kids dah terbiasa with the routine a week before and dah tak mencari2 the nipples, but few kids (mine mine!) tersangatla kebal and still looking for nipples everytime nak sleep. Do the above step, read them books, kasi susu sebotol and try to make them sleep. If they are crying for milk, never nurse them. Remember!they are not sick or watveer, they are just dah terbiase with the routine. When they get up in the middle of the night, make sure you are ready with the milk beside you and terus suakan inside their mouth and   lul them to sleep :)

Your spouse has an important role is awesome if the above's method can be done by daddy..daddy needs to sacrifice a little (bersengkang mata) and layan the kids if they are crying for their mommy at the middle of the the mean time mommy can sleep in another room so that the kids will not make you feel guilty and rasa nak nangis..huhu no lah..budak2 ni kan..kalau dia tengok mak die lagi die kededek manja2 kan..padahal sebenarnya boleh jer..tapi disebabkan oleh tabiat yang sekian lama, makanya..:)

As for me, the time i dah ready untuk wean Ana, i gave  a full responsibility to my so lucky to have a such wonderful husband!so starting from that day she slept dengan ayah, tengah malam dia bangun ayah yang kasi susu, ayah yang pujuk2 die..poor ayah!hihi mommy, make sure siapkan susu siap2 dlm thermos yer..kesian pula cik abang nak kena pegi dapur tengah2 malam bancuh susu bagai..hehe

The worst case might be they cry the whole night but the mommy (and daddy of course..teehehe) must be strong!Teringat pengalaman diri sendiri..wakaka on the 3rd week of weaning, walaupun dah bertekad malam tu memang tak nak kasi Ana direct bf tapi time die meraung2 hati mana la yang tak tersentuh, laju air mata dia,lagi laju air mata kita kot..when my hubby comfort her, i boleh pulak cakap ' Ayah, kasila Ana kat ibu..sian dia' tapi hubby yang strict said 'No!" and with that, we successfully wean her..see?can u see how a daddy can contribute here?kalau ikotkan ibu sampai sekarang tak berjaya lagi kot..teehehe

Oh ya, this is another petua orang2 tua! Mungkin ramai dah tahu kot..rendam few garlics in a small bowl of cooking oil/olive oil and biarkan semalaman..everytime u want to nurse your kids, sapukan the oil pada nipples..hopefully soon they will reject your nipples..buat selalu..jangan dorang suroh pegi basuh sudah..haha

So, that's our about yours?hope my two cents here may helped mothers out mommy Ria..sorry i baru terbaca your comment so dengan itu i gigih siapkan this long essay..hehe i don't now this may help or not..and try google on weaning and do some research ..lain budak lain kekdahnya..good luck dear!:)


  1. thanx sbb wat special entry tuk Ria..sebaya kah kite??nk panggil kakak ke adik ni??i'm 25yo..jenuh nk wean kan Amani bile malam..sbb siang anta nursery malam baru dok dgn kite..die lak jenis yg xsuke susu..dulu mse mule2 kerja die xmau susu yg disimpan2 ni..nk yg fresh try gak bg FM tp kene campur sket dgn Milo..pastu xnk milo..kalau kt umah mmg xde nk minum FM..skrg ni ajar die menyusu 2 minit je..kadang xsampai seminit pn da suruh die lepas..haha..kadang tu kesian..kalau xpregnant mmg bg je kot..yg xtahan skrg ni sbb pedih bile die sucking tu..rase cm panjang jele je cakap..nk email address le x??lg senang nk cite lg panjang..hehe..neway thanx ye..

  2. hai ria..zihan 26..lebih kurang sebaya jerla kot..hihi(kes tanak ngaku tua) so how's the progress so far?dah ok or still menyusu lagi?btw ni email zihan ( free to email me ya :)