Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sedia menerima tempahan!

Wahh..gitu kan!

I know i know!promoting something in this not-so-famous blog is something not-so-brilliant but i just would like to let anyone's reading (if any) know, i am now ready to take orders of my yummylicious  pastry as you can see below..will create a special blog soon for my new business insyaAllah but in the mean time please bear with this..before this i only took orders from close friends and relatives but why not i publish this here kan :)

So, I'm calling for those staying in Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Bangi, Putrajaya or Serdang area! There may be a free delivery to Bangi/Putrajaya/Serdang area during weekend, but on week days i prefer self pick up at my home sweet home or any pick up point agreed   :)

Minimum order 50 pieces : RM 35 (can mix filling)

Minimum order 25 pieces : RM 30
50 pieces : RM45

HOMEMADE CREAM PUFF (Minimum order 50 pieces)
CUSTARD FILLING with extra chocolate ganache : RM 30 

Minimum order 50 pieces : RM 40 (size 1inch x 2inch)

So,if you are planning for a special occasion like birthday party,housewarming party, farewell party, kenduri akikah or just saja nak buat makan2 sendiri why don't you drop in an email to me at nurazihan@gmail.com ok..Big thanks darlings!

Coming soon : 

Minimum order 20 pieces : RM 20 

Minimum pieces 16 pieces RM35
25 pieces : ZRM 50 

Cream cheese frosting : RM 100 


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Breastfeeding journey (Weaning)


Surely it's not easy!It's a long goodbye- emotional, sometimes painful but freeing at the same time. Me personally took few weeks to successfully wean my first kid off and i had another challenge in another few months as my 2nd son is already 1year and 4months..but i'm in no hurry,neither he is :)

As promised, here are some tips through my readings and self experience on weaning my daughter..like i said before , i weaned Ana because i got pregnant again and i chose to wean for few reasons, but breastfeeding while pregnant is something normal and recommended by the doctors . However, when u are pregnant, your breast and nipples will be tender and every suction will make u feel painful. Tsk!:(

I started by introducing her with formula milk, Sustagen chocolate since she didn't like the taste of the original milk, but soon i found out that she's easily having problem when it's time to poo-poo and always constipate. I guess the brand didn't suit her so i changed to Dumex chocolate milk..Alhamdulillah till now she loves the taste and never have problem with her digestion system. 

We went shopped for a special bottle for her with a built-in straw,i chose Tommietippe brand.. u also can buy cups, this is depends on your kids..let her choose the color and cartoon..this is to attract her psychologically. 

When weaning, most mothers facing problem when it comes to bedtime. As the 1yo or 2yo kids take solids already, when they demand for milk before bedtime, that's not because they are hungry but they are used to the routine. Usually the breastfeeding baby or toddler will nurse,right before bedtime until they drift away. Change the routine may helped. Instead of nursing, read them their favourite books, and get ready with a cup of milk beside your bed, give them the milk and lul them to sleep. There may be some crying involves during the first few days but hang on there and be patient.

The weaning must be step by step. I divided the milk sessions into 3! Breakfast, Before Nap,and Before Bedtime. Pada permulaan, give them 2 bottles of formula milk (bfast+before day nap) per day but still continue breasfeeding day and night as usual. And don't forget the meal in the middle ya. No rush, this is an adjustment time. A week later, give them 3 bottles of formula milk (bfast+before day nap+before bedtime)(kalau jenis kuat menyusu boleh tambah another bottle pada waktu ptg) but hanya direct breastfeeding during the night. Kalau boleh avoid apa2 yang ingatkan dia pada breast pada siang hari. A week later, give them 3 bottles of formula milk (bfast, before day nap and before bedtime) bancuh susu siap2 bawak masuk dalam bilik before bedtime.  Get ready physically and mentally. This is one struggle week! This is really depend on your kid, sesetengah kids dah terbiasa with the routine a week before and dah tak mencari2 the nipples, but few kids (mine mine!) tersangatla kebal and still looking for nipples everytime nak sleep. Do the above step, read them books, kasi susu sebotol and try to make them sleep. If they are crying for milk, never nurse them. Remember!they are not sick or watveer, they are just dah terbiase with the routine. When they get up in the middle of the night, make sure you are ready with the milk beside you and terus suakan inside their mouth and   lul them to sleep :)

Your spouse has an important role here..it is awesome if the above's method can be done by daddy..daddy needs to sacrifice a little (bersengkang mata) and layan the kids if they are crying for their mommy at the middle of the night..in the mean time mommy can sleep in another room so that the kids will not make you feel guilty and rasa nak nangis..huhu no lah..budak2 ni kan..kalau dia tengok mak die lagi die kededek manja2 kan..padahal sebenarnya boleh jer..tapi disebabkan oleh tabiat yang sekian lama, makanya..:)

As for me, the time i dah ready untuk wean Ana, i gave  a full responsibility to my hubby..am so lucky to have a such wonderful husband!so starting from that day she slept dengan ayah, tengah malam dia bangun ayah yang kasi susu, ayah yang pujuk2 die..poor ayah!hihi mommy, make sure siapkan susu siap2 dlm thermos yer..kesian pula cik abang nak kena pegi dapur tengah2 malam bancuh susu bagai..hehe

The worst case might be they cry the whole night but the mommy (and daddy of course..teehehe) must be strong!Teringat pengalaman diri sendiri..wakaka on the 3rd week of weaning, walaupun dah bertekad malam tu memang tak nak kasi Ana direct bf tapi time die meraung2 hati mana la yang tak tersentuh, laju air mata dia,lagi laju air mata kita kot..when my hubby comfort her, i boleh pulak cakap ' Ayah, kasila Ana kat ibu..sian dia' tapi hubby yang strict said 'No!" and with that, we successfully wean her..see?can u see how a daddy can contribute here?kalau ikotkan ibu sampai sekarang tak berjaya lagi kot..teehehe

Oh ya, this is another petua orang2 tua! Mungkin ramai dah tahu kot..rendam few garlics in a small bowl of cooking oil/olive oil and biarkan semalaman..everytime u want to nurse your kids, sapukan the oil pada nipples..hopefully soon they will reject your nipples..buat selalu..jangan dorang suroh pegi basuh sudah..haha

So, that's our story..how about yours?hope my two cents here may helped mothers out there..to mommy Ria..sorry i baru terbaca your comment so dengan itu i gigih siapkan this long essay..hehe i don't now this may help or not..and try google on weaning and do some research ..lain budak lain kekdahnya..good luck dear!:)

Monday, June 11, 2012



1. Remember the makan2 i told ya before?actually, it was just a small gathering between besties and we had fun yaw! Susah sangat nak plan nak berjalan ke sane ke sini kan..last2 we just gather2 kat rumah sajer..haha at first, we planned to get together rumah Along but i foresee  my kids would tunggang terbalikkan rumah depa, so we suggested the makan2 to be held here at our home..since my besties's birthday was just around the corner, i baked Rainbow cake for them..but to be honest i need to adjust the recipe a bit..the rainbow turned out beautifully but the taste was very plain.

2. Balik kampung..ho ho ho balik kampung...hati rianggg!!haha mak orang ni sangat excited kalau balik kampung..huhu 2 of my dearest cousin got married last school holiday but i only managed to attend one wedding due to time constraint. I love wedding!Even the weather was freaking hot but looking at those relatives sanggup berpanasan,berhempas-pulas,bersusah payah to make our special day, it was amazing!and the best part was my kids were all behaved with their ayah (tq hubby for the support) and i had chance to give my helping hand in many things..bits here and there!

3. The third day we headed back to KL (sad!)and reached home at about 10pm and need to pack asap for our flight to KB tomorrow morning for another wedding. Woke up at 5am and by 6am we were already at the airport for our 7.15am flight. And when you are in Kelantan the first thing you want to look for is nasi berlauk..haha rezeki kami hari tu..dapat jugak makan nasik berlauk Kak Joh..and the foods at the kenduri were HEAVEN!sangat rugi tak sempat nak makan banyak (hailah anak..)tapi the combination of kari kampung daging+ayam percik kelantan+pecal+ikan kering berlado+telur masin+ulam2an+budus = u can't ask for more! 

4. My first time at PCB! My kids had fun with their cousins playing with the sands(read:makan pasir,mandi pasir) and playing with the kites..and the mothers chit-chatting while enjoying sotong celup tepung,udang celup tepung,keropok lekor and air nyiour!hehe 

5. On 5th June, we took the same flight back with the rest of the family. We packed up and drove the rented car to the airport,took the flight and reached home at almost 5pm. Super tired!Did i tell you the kids drive me crazy at the airport while waiting for boarding?huh they ran and scream and ran like no one's business!Sumpah geram tapi control jer la depan mak mertua kan..haha

6. On 6th June, we brought Ana to D'Serai Empire gallery for her birthday treat..we plan to have a proper birthday celebration at Cameron later, perhaps at the end of this month insyaAllah

7. On 9th June, we drove to Kuantan for hubby's bestfren's wedding at Bukit Goh..then, we checked in at Bukit Gambang Resort..to be exact at Carribean Bay resort which i found that there's nothing to shout about lah..bilik boleh tahan luas but its not worth paying (mahal jugakla hokay) if you can't find the small but essential things like spoon, laundry bag, slippers..and dining-in service pon tadak..huhu but they are launching another resort called Arabian Resort and hopefully that one serve better..we didn't go to the waterpark as we both too tired to entertain the kids, tak larat dah nak lari sana lari sini ..haha so we brought them to swimming pool downstairs.. :)

We both tak letih, the kids pon happy!hehe

That's all for now!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Princess Ana Khadeeja!


Sorry for not updating for quite some times..i was too busy with kenduri, balik kampung, and tart orders thingy!huh!

Lots and lots of things to write here but very2 limited time lor..tomorrow we'll be going to Kuantan for hubby's bestfriend's wedding..and later we plan to stay at Gambang Resort for a night before heading back here on Sunday!sure tiring!

I have another row of laundry here which i need to settle by today..semalam dah buat 'kuih lapis' bertingkat2 sampai cramp pinggang, kalau balik kampung camnilah selalu..basuh kain 2 3 hari tak sudah2 jugak..hehe but thanks Allah for the hot weather cepat jer kain kering!and today,right after i post this i need to fold all the laundry, susun dalam wardrobe and start packing for our short trip tomorrow..kalau tak petang, malam nilah kot..depends on my kerajinan..muahahaa :) 

Anyway, last 2 days (6th June 2012) was my princess's 3rd birthday..HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR..dah 3 tahun dah anak ibu..where the time has gone? my du'a, may Allah grant you good health, shower you with all the blessings, success in this life and the next..be a good muslimah and speak fluently pliss..haha i loe you soo muchh!! 

This picture was taken yesterday, our pre-birthday celebration for dear Ana..we brought her to D'Serai at Empire Gallery for lunch treat..tersangatla tak sempat nak baking any cake for her so i just bought 3 slices of SR's Butterscotch pecan, Chocolate Indulgence and Dark Choc cheese cake each! that was good enough for our simple hi-tea at home :)

Later peeps!Enjoy your weekend!