Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend (Sunday's update)

Our weekend is pretty much the same..yesterday we went to MIL's place and today we just melepek kat rumah..while me updating my blog, hubby is sleeping upstairs, Ammar is also sleeping in his cradle here downstairs  and Ana is watching Little Einstein on Disney Junior Channel. 

Been persuaded her to sleep few times already but she just don't want to. Perhaps she just don't feel comfortable with her throat..yes, she's still down with an awful barky cough..ubat dah habis berbotol2 ..klinik dah pegi 2 kali..i don't know what else i can do to make her feel better..kesian tau malam-malam tak boleh tido and waktu siang especially when it's cold in the morning she will cough and muntah2..baru lepas makan dah terkeluar balik..sayang..and i think everybody know the sore can we feel on our throat after vomiting..pedih kan..ermm..i think that's the reason why she don't have the appetite nowadays..

I did some research on this and this is few tips if your children have a bad cough especially a barky cough like my kid.

  • Steam cleaning. Give your child steam, steam, and more steam. For infants and young children, turn the bathroom into a steam room with the door closed and the shower on full hot. Sit in there for 10 or 15 minutes. For older children, use a facial steamer or pot of hot water (carefully!). The steam will help loosen the nose and chest congestion, and help your child cough it up or blow it out. Do this steam cleaning every morning and before bed, as well as during the day if possible.
  • Clap the chest and back. While you sit in the bathroom steaming, clap on your child's chest and back (where the lungs are) firmly (harder than burping) with an open hand. This helps shake the mucus loose so your child can cough it up better.
  • Sleep upright. If possible, allow your child to sleep in a slightly upright position. This allows for easier breathing during sleep.
  • Nose hose. For older children, it is crucial to have them blow their nose several times during a steam cleaning, as well as frequently throughout the day. Getting out all the junk will help prevent this from turning into a bacterial infection. An alternative to steaming is to use nasal decongestant spray to loosen up the nasal congestion before blowing it out. For infants too young to blow their nose, you can suction them out using a blue rubber bulb syringe.
  • Hot steam vaporizer. Use a hot steam vaporizer in the bedroom at night (not a cool mist humidifier). This warm, humid environment can help keep noses and chests clear at night. Be sure to air the room out well during the day because mold can start to grow in the room due to the warmth and humidity.
  • Eucalyptus and lavender oil. Add only one drop of each of these to a facial steamer, pot of hot water or some vaporizers. They can help clear up the congestion faster.
  • Vapor rubs on the chest. Occasionally, these can cause wheezing because the vapors may be too strong for some children, but overall they will work well. It is safe to try, but do observe your child to make sure it doesn't cause wheezing.
  • Drink twice as much liquid. This will help to thin secretions and prevent dehydration.
  • Warning: All four types of cough and cold medications are NO LONGER APPROVED for kids younger than 4 years of age.
Will try to apply this to her routine..hopefully she'll get better soon insyaAllah..:) 


  1. Salam, now only i have time to read and godek2 ur blog! N to my suprised ure sahm too! High 5. Hihi. Andd the best thing is u had two beautiful children. MasyaAllah seronoknye. :) nice to know u zihan. Keep updating juicy and informative story ya. Hugs.

  2. Wsalam..thanx for dropping by!i didn't expect anyone will read my blog but if anyone did hopefully there's something good had been shared..YES!I'M a SAHM and im proud of it!maybe sometime u will regret it but hey, it's worth it yaw! with this terrible twos (hehe) they make my life more meaningful!btw nice knowing u too!:)