Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Saturday's story


We didn't go visiting MIL last week..most of the time just lepaking at home and bile perut lapar baru ngendeng2 kat hubby ajak keluar..haha so we went to IKEA which is only about 15 minutes drive from our house ikut jalan belakang..the plan was to buy BODO shelf  which i find it is very convenient as we can easily put things inside it accordingly and the most important thing is it is light so easy to carry if we want to move out later. Just lift the boxes and detach the rack. Tak perlu packing and unpacking :)

Unfortunately, the shelf was out of stock. I asked one of the workers there and he said most probably they will not restock it in the meantime..sungguh kasihan..tapi die sempat buat lawak pulak..he said diorang tak restock because of it's name ,if the name is CERDIK or something like that maybe they will restock it soon..huhu

Actually we already have 2 of this shelves here which the one downstairs i put kids clothes and upstairs' i put bed sheet, blanket, pillow case and whatnot..and we just need one more to put our clothes which is already melimpah ruah from our drawers..so we ended up buying this ANEBODA drawers(again!)..selain dari murah, this is also ok except for the difficulty to move out later..berat and agak besar :)

So after jot down the shelf and rack number, we just walked around cuci mata..and layan my princess yang jakunz tengok katil..u knowlah kan kat ikea tu banyak display beds so she will go and try it one by one..haha orang yang tengok mesti cakap ni pelancong dari negeri mane la ni? huk huk

Ahh..i wish i can have this ibu...

and this one too...

and me was drooling over this one..for such a long time oledi..tapi mahal lah..bile nak kaya ni?

Last but not least..peace!

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  1. Salam,
    Hi Ana and Ammar, bila nak mai rumah auntie ni...ask ur mom to jalan-jalan here in Sg Long yea..

    Kak Shaidah..