Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One utama

Hai this is supposed to be posted last week but i was too busy and only today i have time to park myself in front of my lappy and update :D

Actually, we just came back from a short holiday at Lost World of Tambun which is so exciting..will post about that later.

Last week, my sis came for 4 days and we spent most of our day crafting..will also story about this later (berapa banyak later daa..haha) and on Monday we went to One Utama..she needed to change her shoes  she bought before which she said it was too tight on her..after that we went to Marks & Spencer to get pants for hubby and then went ronda2 surveying shoes and handbag for  her wedding. 

As expected, surveying with 2 kids is never easy..Ammar is not a big problem as he is always a good boy as long as he is on his stroller but Ana!!urggghhh...

But the Kiddie Ride helped a lot..i get this at the Ground floor at RM3 for the first hour and RM1 for the subsequent hours..murah je kan!

Ana was ok at first..been excited riding her own car (actually it was me pushing her..haha) but minutes later she got bored and didn't want to sit in the car..haih!camane i nak control die lagi, nak tolak the car lagi.. kang kalo tengah busy2 kejar die ade org curik kiddie car tak ke satu hal nak bayar ganti took quite some time for me to get her into the car again..pujuk punye pujuk sampaila i saw Baskin Robbin dari kejauhan..cepat2 i tolak the car towards BR and bought her ice cream..okay..lekatlah sebentar dalam keta tu..huh!

Then we went to Parkson. My sis was scouting around surveying her shoes while Ana was sipping her melting ice cream..sudah!!ice cream dah nak habis dah tu..the drama started again and this time she got off the car and started playing with the display shoes..and keep asking me 'cantek kan?' then ambek yang lain pulak..the salesgirl dah pandang2 i..but there's no way i can take her off or else she will scream her lungs out!

So i just let her do that but at the same time i tolongla kemas and put the shoes back at its place kan..bukannye i bior jer anak i sepahkan satu mall tu..huhu just to kill the time..cewas!

And while she was busy with the shoes and run here and there, there was one woman came to me and said 'You need to keep your eyes on her all the time' YES MAM!I do and always will!Well she meant good, i you know how my daughter can attract so much attention from strangers or kidnappers!she can lost just in blink of an eye..Nauzubillah!  

But YEAH!We survived!Been thinking to get a safety belt like the one i saw in Nanny 911 so that Ana can't run away from me again..where to get that huh?the one in our market is in a form of bag and the mom will hold the string which is attach to the bag. But the problem with this is Ana will easily pull it out..and mungkin sedar2 aku duk heret anak orang lain nanti...haha 

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