Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lost World of Tambun


After few weeks of contemplation on where to go for a holiday trip, at last we decided to bring the kids to Lost World of Tambun, Perak!In case you are wondering, why did it take so long?sebabnya, at first we planned to go to Cameron with hubby's family for family gathering but unfortunately there were no more rooms available..cuti Labor day kan..

We booked the hotel for 2days 1night stay only. So the plan was leaving the house early morning, had breakfast and drove straight away  to Tambun. As the journey took about 2hours++ only, we reached there at about 12pm which is just nice to take a walk at the theme park. We went to Tiger Valley, Amusement Park and Petting Zoo.

Ana was so excited when she saw the carousels..they named it Perak Parade..i dont know why. We also bought 6 tokens at RM12 and try fishing the duck but the luck was not with us that day :( There are few other attractions like Dragon Flight, Storm Rider and Giddy Galeon. Perhaps i'll try this in my next trip.

Also had a chance to feed the STARVING fish at the lake..i was like super excited tengok si ikan duk bergelut2, nganga2 mulut as if they don't eat for years..but one of the guy there told me that species memang macam tu..always hungry and as they get bloated they will die..macam tu pon ada ka?

Here are some of the pictures around Petting Zoo..

Then, we checked in at the hotel, solat, had McD for lunch and rest for a while. 

At the minute we got ready to go down to the Water park, suddenly it was raining heavily outside..huhu halamak..camno ni..tiket dah bayar,mahal pulak tu..but Alhamdulillah few minutes later the rain stopped and i was such a happy mother..terus siap2kan the kids and berlari2 ke swimming pool..haha

Oh btw, i didn't bring the camera takde gambar..sorry!

Even it was still raining, the kids were really enjoy themselves at the huge wave pool (just like the beach with shallow water)..even Ammar can swim (read: crawl) by himself and be independent. Ana tok sah cakapla..she is one happiest kid on earth!haha the pool was so huge even they can place a pirate ship in it..hehe it is completed with kids slide but my kids didn't get a chance to play this as they were all congested with adults..sigh!as they playing , i was counting seconds for the giant tipping buckets to flip..haha entah hape2..hubby rent a giant tube for me too..hehe lame tak lepas gian jadik budak2 main ngan pelampung..suke!

We also drift through the Adventure is such a relaxing water ride..mau tak and the kiddos duk atas tube and hubby push us along the way..haha sian hubby..balik2 duk merungut lenguh kaki..takpela yer untuk anak dan isteri tercinta..haha

And we had  nice time pampering ourselves in the hot spring..bestnye!its good for the skin, blood circulation and for those who suffering from arthritis, its good to ease the joint movement. Sambil berendam sambil menikmati the beautiful scenery dan kehijauan bukit bukau..indahnya ciptaan Tuhan!I'll be back hot spring!!

We were only got out from the water when the rain came, they were chasing us and said udah2 ler tu..kecut lisut dah kulit tu.kembang dah urat2 tu..haahaa..

Balik hotel, ayah bought dinner at Papparich and we got some rest..Actually melepek dah time ni.. but it seems buang masa just lepaking inside the room looking at the kids wrecking up the hubby brought us to Ipoh Parade which is only 15 minutes away. The only shopping mall which still using coins to enter the parking lot..haha 

But it such not a good idea though. We forgot to bring the stroller and the kids really menguji kesabaran kami to the max. Ana ran here and there and Ammar didn't want me to carry him. He insisted to walk!u know when 1yr old kid walk kan..he tend to pull everything he can reach..tarik2 baju, tarik2 kasut..urgghhh!But we still bought one pair of shoes for Ammar and Mr.Quack2 plushies for Ana. Then we moved out as soon as we can.

The kids slept soundly that nite..thank God!mungkin letih sangat kot..then we had breakfast and just chillax in our room while waiting for check out time. We left the hotel at 12pm and had satay for lunch at RnR Elmina then we went to Nilai pulak..memang all out lah ni..haha

I bought queen bedsheet set with comforter for another cousin's wedding this June, pyjamas for Ammar, kain cotton for baju melayu hubby and tudung for me and Ana. Cari kain yang cantik2 for my baju kurung non hado..sume macam out of date..or is it me yang tak pandai menilai..? :p

Since we didn't find any nice cloth for my baju kurung, we went to Bangi pulak..tinggalkan Ana rumah cousin die sebentar and  our next destination were PKNS and Warta..but also non hado..but since it was the last day for Ariani member's day special we went to Ariani..hehe i bought 6tudung which worth only RM155 :)

Pick up my lovely Ana and went for dinner at Old Town Kopitiam Bangi..then balik terus!letih amat!tapi happy kan sape tak happy..hehe

 That's all peeps!Have a nice day!:)

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