Friday, May 11, 2012

Gonna have a great weekend!


I have few things to update but perhaps i'll keep it till next i have something baked in my oven and i just get back from Bagus bakery suppliers to get few more things..actually last night we already went to 2 places just to get everything for my 'project' but mommy ni kan pelupa so today i need to paksa hubby balik after Jumaat prayer and drove me to bakery store  just to get a box of chocolate chips..haha poor hubby!dah la tak sehat..

Actually the project is for my nephew's birthday tomorrow..ahh can't wait!!my SIL asked me to bake some mini cheese tart and i just pandai2 nak tambah some cookies in her order..hehe 

I did bake the tart shell already this morning and tomorrow morning i plan to wake up a bit early to work on the cheese filling and decorations . And now i am going to make some of my favourite choc chips cookies..yummy!

So that's it for now..better work on my hand now while my boy sleeping..have a nice day yaw!Bye!

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