Monday, May 21, 2012

Breastfeeding journey! (Introduction)


Since i am a proud breastfeeding mummy i think i should share some of my experience on breastfeeding journey with all..especially to those who are expecting and determine to fully breastfeed your baby the same time boleh tambah ilmu diri sendiri jugak..;)

As for introduction, i will share my breastfeeding journey and the benefits of breastfeeding to your baby (see chart below)..but who said breastfeeding is all for baby?no mummy pon ade tau..penah x dgr nak kuruskan badan cepat nanti kasila susu badan kat baby..well that's definitely true!

Personally,i did manage to get my before-pregnant-weight in just about few months..4months to be exact..time Ana 2 month i'm still nampak swollen a bit..hehe kalau tengok balik gambar lama memang kedinglah time tu..sume orang cakap my baby dah sedut semua lemak2 i..haha

For your infos, i breastfed Ana since day one until she's one and half year old only..hajat di hati nak menyusukan sampai 2years old but since i was pregnant (again) at that time, my mom urged me to wean her off..she said according to orang2 tua its not good to my baby tummy..nanti baby mudah dapat penyakit lah..i am not sure about i asked the doctor, she said there's nothing wrong of bf 2 children at the same time as long as the mummy take lots of nutritious foods with enough supplement..for example if i want to continue bf Ana until i deliver, i had to really watch my supplement intake especially folic acid intake because the baby tummy really need this to avoid neural tube defects like spina bifida and anencephaly (brain and spinal cord defects) which is very common to those who doesn't take enough vitamin in daily diet.

After lots of research, i made my mind to wean off Ana and  i successfully did that when i was 7 months preggy..not too late kan? it was a moment full of emotions..sangat sedih took few weeks jugakla  for her to completely forget her 'nenen' or 'shushu'..and bile dengar die menangis malam2 sbb nak susu lagila buat i sebak tau..but there's few steps you need to follow in order to make this weaning off a success..will share with u guys later :)

However..there' another reasons why i need to wean her off..bukannya tak boleh teruskan..i believe there are mothers out there successfully bf their baby tummy and toddler at the same time kan kan?of course there were the effects of bfding 2 human at one time but we keep on struggling  and  we survived least until i was 7months preggy..hehe clap clap clap!AKAN TATAPI i fikir lepas tu walau ape pon terjadi i kena jugak wean off Ana..demi untuk tidak menyusahkan sesiapa pada masa akan datang..thinking of what gonna happen to her when i was in labor room later , then masa pantang camane kalau both kids melalak nak nenen at the same time..that things keep wandering in my i think, this is the time and we really need to do this even deeeep inside my heart i really want her enjoy my precious milk (tetibe terasa diri macam lembu pulak..mooo..;D) till 2yrs old.

All in all, i rase i need to wean off sbb the baby in me need lots of nutrients and this toddler 'outside' me also needs way more nutrients..bukan sebab pntg lrg org tua sgt lah..tapi kata orang tua betol jugak..kalau emaknye tak makan enough nutrients then for sure it will effect the baby inside..itulah, i risau if the nutrients need to be shared by both toddler and baby, they won't get enough of them..i pon bukan jenis makan makanan berkhasiat sangat pon..haha and hopefully i can breastfeed Ammar until at least he's 2yrs old..insyaAllah..jangan nanti ko preggy lagi sudah..haha

Btw, I got this from my fb's friend and i found this is interesting!

And these are my two hyperactive breastfeeding toddlers..

and supercreative!

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  1. salam perkenalan..terjumpe blog and terhook plak bace tajuk post ni..Ria pn breastfeed anak sampai umur die 2 1/2yo(i'm 3 moths preggie now)..camne berhentikan anak tu bf??bole share x??my mom pn kate xelok kalau kite pregnant anak dok still menyusu lg..jenuh dah rasenye..yg xtahan nye sbb my nipples sakit sgt..pedih2 gitu..