Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Saturday's story


We didn't go visiting MIL last week..most of the time just lepaking at home and bile perut lapar baru ngendeng2 kat hubby ajak keluar..haha so we went to IKEA which is only about 15 minutes drive from our house ikut jalan belakang..the plan was to buy BODO shelf  which i find it is very convenient as we can easily put things inside it accordingly and the most important thing is it is light so easy to carry if we want to move out later. Just lift the boxes and detach the rack. Tak perlu packing and unpacking :)

Unfortunately, the shelf was out of stock. I asked one of the workers there and he said most probably they will not restock it in the meantime..sungguh kasihan..tapi die sempat buat lawak pulak..he said diorang tak restock because of it's name ,if the name is CERDIK or something like that maybe they will restock it soon..huhu

Actually we already have 2 of this shelves here which the one downstairs i put kids clothes and upstairs' i put bed sheet, blanket, pillow case and whatnot..and we just need one more to put our clothes which is already melimpah ruah from our drawers..so we ended up buying this ANEBODA drawers(again!)..selain dari murah, this is also ok except for the difficulty to move out later..berat and agak besar :)

So after jot down the shelf and rack number, we just walked around cuci mata..and layan my princess yang jakunz tengok katil..u knowlah kan kat ikea tu banyak display beds so she will go and try it one by one..haha orang yang tengok mesti cakap ni pelancong dari negeri mane la ni? huk huk

Ahh..i wish i can have this ibu...

and this one too...

and me was drooling over this one..for such a long time oledi..tapi mahal lah..bile nak kaya ni?

Last but not least..peace!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Breastfeeding journey! (Introduction)


Since i am a proud breastfeeding mummy i think i should share some of my experience on breastfeeding journey with all..especially to those who are expecting and determine to fully breastfeed your baby later..at the same time boleh tambah ilmu diri sendiri jugak..;)

As for introduction, i will share my breastfeeding journey and the benefits of breastfeeding to your baby (see chart below)..but who said breastfeeding is all for baby?no no..to mummy pon ade tau..penah x dgr nak kuruskan badan cepat nanti kasila susu badan kat baby..well that's definitely true!

Personally,i did manage to get my before-pregnant-weight in just about few months..4months to be exact..time Ana 2 month i'm still nampak swollen a bit..hehe kalau tengok balik gambar lama memang kedinglah time tu..sume orang cakap my baby dah sedut semua lemak2 i..haha

For your infos, i breastfed Ana since day one until she's one and half year old only..hajat di hati nak menyusukan sampai 2years old but since i was pregnant (again) at that time, my mom urged me to wean her off..she said according to orang2 tua its not good to my baby tummy..nanti baby mudah dapat penyakit lah..i am not sure about this..so i asked the doctor, she said there's nothing wrong of bf 2 children at the same time as long as the mummy take lots of nutritious foods with enough supplement..for example if i want to continue bf Ana until i deliver, i had to really watch my supplement intake especially folic acid intake because the baby tummy really need this to avoid neural tube defects like spina bifida and anencephaly (brain and spinal cord defects) which is very common to those who doesn't take enough vitamin in daily diet.

After lots of research, i made my mind to wean off Ana and  i successfully did that when i was 7 months preggy..not too late kan? it was a moment full of emotions..sangat sedih tau..it took few weeks jugakla  for her to completely forget her 'nenen' or 'shushu'..and bile dengar die menangis malam2 sbb nak susu lagila buat i sebak tau..but there's few steps you need to follow in order to make this weaning off a success..will share with u guys later :)

However..there' another reasons why i need to wean her off..bukannya tak boleh teruskan..i believe there are mothers out there successfully bf their baby tummy and toddler at the same time kan kan?of course there were the effects of bfding 2 human at one time but we keep on struggling  and  we survived yaw..at least until i was 7months preggy..hehe clap clap clap!AKAN TATAPI i fikir lepas tu walau ape pon terjadi i kena jugak wean off Ana..demi untuk tidak menyusahkan sesiapa pada masa akan datang..thinking of what gonna happen to her when i was in labor room later , then masa pantang camane kalau both kids melalak nak nenen at the same time..that things keep wandering in my head..so i think, this is the time and we really need to do this even deeeep inside my heart i really want her enjoy my precious milk (tetibe terasa diri macam lembu pulak..mooo..;D) till 2yrs old.

All in all, i rase i need to wean off sbb the baby in me need lots of nutrients and this toddler 'outside' me also needs way more nutrients..bukan sebab pntg lrg org tua sgt lah..tapi kata orang tua betol jugak..kalau emaknye tak makan enough nutrients then for sure it will effect the baby inside..itulah maksudnya..so, i risau if the nutrients need to be shared by both toddler and baby, they won't get enough of them..i pon bukan jenis makan makanan berkhasiat sangat pon..haha and hopefully i can breastfeed Ammar until at least he's 2yrs old..insyaAllah..jangan nanti ko preggy lagi sudah..haha

Btw, I got this from my fb's friend and i found this is interesting!

And these are my two hyperactive breastfeeding toddlers..

and supercreative too..lol!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kek Lapis Cheese Persona


What did you had for lunch?Mine was simple but the kids ate 2 bowls of rice today..yahhoo!I'm a happy mother since Ammar had lost appetite for few days already..a bit surprised when my simple tumis sawi and daging masak merah got him to eat.

Since we had lunch quite early, i foresee me and Ana will be starving again by evening..so i made this for our hi-tea..a simple recipe from Ryo but had attracted many to try but worry not...it's yummylicious..it's only 5pm and i already walloped 2 slices of it..haha

Still wondering on what else i can make to finish off my strawberry and kiwi inside the fridge..better turn them out into something before it's too late..or perhaps i can just chopped them up and serve with yogurt..urmm sounds nice and healthy..or is it too healthy?maybe we can spray some whipped cream and chocolate syrup on top?

Here's the recipe..btw i made only half amount of the recipe..selamat mencuba!

Source : Ryoazhar

Bahan A:
  • 2 bungkus biskut marie perisa coklat-lebih kurang 600 g (ryo guna jenama LEE)
  • 500 ml susu segar,dipanaskan
Bahan B:
  • 500 g cheese cream (Philadelpia/Tartura)
  • 10 ml susu segar
  • 1/2 cawan gula halus
Caranya :
  1. Satukan cheese dan gula halus,pukul sebati
  2. Masukkan susu segar sedikit demi sedikit,jangan sampai adunan terlalu cair
  3. Pukul lagi hingga kembang dan sebati,ketepikan
  4. Sediakan bekas yang di alaskan terlebih dahulu dengan plastik/kertas minyak/baking paper.
  5. Panaskan susu segar,padamkan api.
  6. Ambil sekeping2 biskut dan celup ke dalam susu (suam2 panas)..terus susun dalam bekas..(Celup 1 saat je taw)
  7. Pastu sapukan adunan cheese di atasnya,ratakan
  8. Ulang proses melapis biskut,kemudian sapukan lagi adunan cheese tadi
  9. Ulang proses melapis hingga habis,biarkan lapisan cheese di atas sebagai lapisan terakhir.
  10. Kemudian,kisar baki biskut yang ada,taburkan dengan cara menapis serbuk biskut tu dia atas lapisan cheese.(Kalau pakai jenama LEE,boleh ramas2kan je dalam penapis tu..jadi serbuk lah ia..)
  11. Tekan2 sikit permukaan tu..masukan dalam peti sejuk,biarkan selama 6 jam sebelum dipotong.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mini fruit tart recipe


Today is 16th May..Happy Teachers Day to all teachers around the world..also Happy Belated Mother's Day to all mothers especially to my mother, Puan Ramlah Ngah and my MIL Puan Amnah Salleh..both of you inspired me so much..thank you for being the best mothers ever..dan semoga Mama dam Mami dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik selalu..amin~

Actually i want to upload few pictures taken during my nephew's birthday last weekend but all the pictures are still in my Tab..masih belum kerajinan nak buat editing and upload here..

Anywhoo..i would like to share the recipe of this mini fruit tart taken from Mamafami's and Kak Ita's blog..i baked this for the party and these are the only few pieces left untuk tatapan semua..huhu i also made some cheese tart but forgot to take pictures of them.

Source : Kak Azita and Mamafami


170gm marjerin atau butter
50gm gula aising
1 biji telur Gred C
290gm tepung gandum
1 sudu kecil esen vanilla
acuan tart

Pukul marjerin dan gula dengan menggunakan senduk kayu atau spatula. Jangan putar lama sangat.
Masukkan telur dan esen vanilla. Putar lagi dengan senduk kayu.
Masukkan tepung sedikit demi sedikit.
Uli hingga menjadi doh yang lembut. Kuantiti tepung bergantung kepada kelembutan doh.
Untuk mendapatkan doh yang baik masukkan doh dalam plastik bag dan simpan dalam peti ais semalaman.


2 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons custard powder or cornflour (I used cornflour)
8 tablespoons sugar
2 cups (500ml) fresh milk
2 eggs
2 tablespoons butter

Method :

1. Mix flour and custard powder/cornflour in a pot and add 2 tablespoons fresh milk. Stir to mix.
2. Add in egg and mix.
3. Add in balance of the milk.
4. Cook on low fire and stir continuously till the mixture is smooth and not lumpy.
5. Once the mixture thickens and shiny, it's ready. Remove from fire and allow to cool. Ready to use.


1. Pipe the custard into the tart shells. I used a piping bag with a star nozzle to do the trick.
2. Arrange the fruits of your choice.

Btw, sorry for the mix language..so malas nak translate  :D Mamafami also shared the recipe for the pastry but i dah terbiase with this one from Kak Azita..:)

After piping all the custard filling into the tartlets casings, there were some more left..so i kept them inside the fridge and the next day i made this.

Simple to make..as there were also lots of fruits left i cut them a little big here and arrange them nicely on the pastry puff.. i used Kawan brand, size 4x4inches ..just cut them into triangles..they have tutorials on this but i forgot the link..maybe i'll share them later..then, brushed with egg washed then bake for 190 degrees for 25-30 minutes.Let them cool a bit before you pipe the custard on top and arrange the fruits.

Sedap i tell ya..trylah!:)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Gonna have a great weekend!


I have few things to update but perhaps i'll keep it till next week..now i have something baked in my oven and i just get back from Bagus bakery suppliers to get few more things..actually last night we already went to 2 places just to get everything for my 'project' but mommy ni kan pelupa so today i need to paksa hubby balik after Jumaat prayer and drove me to bakery store  just to get a box of chocolate chips..haha poor hubby!dah la tak sehat..

Actually the project is for my nephew's birthday tomorrow..ahh can't wait!!my SIL asked me to bake some mini cheese tart and i just pandai2 nak tambah some cookies in her order..hehe 

I did bake the tart shell already this morning and tomorrow morning i plan to wake up a bit early to work on the cheese filling and decorations . And now i am going to make some of my favourite choc chips cookies..yummy!

So that's it for now..better work on my hand now while my boy sleeping..have a nice day yaw!Bye!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend (Sunday's update)

Our weekend is pretty much the same..yesterday we went to MIL's place and today we just melepek kat rumah..while me updating my blog, hubby is sleeping upstairs, Ammar is also sleeping in his cradle here downstairs  and Ana is watching Little Einstein on Disney Junior Channel. 

Been persuaded her to sleep few times already but she just don't want to. Perhaps she just don't feel comfortable with her throat..yes, she's still down with an awful barky cough..ubat dah habis berbotol2 ..klinik dah pegi 2 kali..i don't know what else i can do to make her feel better..kesian tau malam-malam tak boleh tido and waktu siang especially when it's cold in the morning she will cough and muntah2..baru lepas makan dah terkeluar balik..sayang..and i think everybody know the sore can we feel on our throat after vomiting..pedih kan..ermm..i think that's the reason why she don't have the appetite nowadays..

I did some research on this and this is few tips if your children have a bad cough especially a barky cough like my kid.

  • Steam cleaning. Give your child steam, steam, and more steam. For infants and young children, turn the bathroom into a steam room with the door closed and the shower on full hot. Sit in there for 10 or 15 minutes. For older children, use a facial steamer or pot of hot water (carefully!). The steam will help loosen the nose and chest congestion, and help your child cough it up or blow it out. Do this steam cleaning every morning and before bed, as well as during the day if possible.
  • Clap the chest and back. While you sit in the bathroom steaming, clap on your child's chest and back (where the lungs are) firmly (harder than burping) with an open hand. This helps shake the mucus loose so your child can cough it up better.
  • Sleep upright. If possible, allow your child to sleep in a slightly upright position. This allows for easier breathing during sleep.
  • Nose hose. For older children, it is crucial to have them blow their nose several times during a steam cleaning, as well as frequently throughout the day. Getting out all the junk will help prevent this from turning into a bacterial infection. An alternative to steaming is to use nasal decongestant spray to loosen up the nasal congestion before blowing it out. For infants too young to blow their nose, you can suction them out using a blue rubber bulb syringe.
  • Hot steam vaporizer. Use a hot steam vaporizer in the bedroom at night (not a cool mist humidifier). This warm, humid environment can help keep noses and chests clear at night. Be sure to air the room out well during the day because mold can start to grow in the room due to the warmth and humidity.
  • Eucalyptus and lavender oil. Add only one drop of each of these to a facial steamer, pot of hot water or some vaporizers. They can help clear up the congestion faster.
  • Vapor rubs on the chest. Occasionally, these can cause wheezing because the vapors may be too strong for some children, but overall they will work well. It is safe to try, but do observe your child to make sure it doesn't cause wheezing.
  • Drink twice as much liquid. This will help to thin secretions and prevent dehydration.
  • Warning: All four types of cough and cold medications are NO LONGER APPROVED for kids younger than 4 years of age.
Will try to apply this to her routine..hopefully she'll get better soon insyaAllah..:) 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lost World of Tambun


After few weeks of contemplation on where to go for a holiday trip, at last we decided to bring the kids to Lost World of Tambun, Perak!In case you are wondering, why did it take so long?sebabnya, at first we planned to go to Cameron with hubby's family for family gathering but unfortunately there were no more rooms available..cuti Labor day kan..

We booked the hotel for 2days 1night stay only. So the plan was leaving the house early morning, had breakfast and drove straight away  to Tambun. As the journey took about 2hours++ only, we reached there at about 12pm which is just nice to take a walk at the theme park. We went to Tiger Valley, Amusement Park and Petting Zoo.

Ana was so excited when she saw the carousels..they named it Perak Parade..i dont know why. We also bought 6 tokens at RM12 and try fishing the duck but the luck was not with us that day :( There are few other attractions like Dragon Flight, Storm Rider and Giddy Galeon. Perhaps i'll try this in my next trip.

Also had a chance to feed the STARVING fish at the lake..i was like super excited tengok si ikan duk bergelut2, nganga2 mulut as if they don't eat for years..but one of the guy there told me that species memang macam tu..always hungry and as they get bloated they will die..macam tu pon ada ka?

Here are some of the pictures around Petting Zoo..

Then, we checked in at the hotel, solat, had McD for lunch and rest for a while. 

At the minute we got ready to go down to the Water park, suddenly it was raining heavily outside..huhu halamak..camno ni..tiket dah bayar,mahal pulak tu..but Alhamdulillah few minutes later the rain stopped and i was such a happy mother..terus siap2kan the kids and berlari2 ke swimming pool..haha

Oh btw, i didn't bring the camera here..so takde gambar..sorry!

Even it was still raining, the kids were really enjoy themselves at the huge wave pool (just like the beach with shallow water)..even Ammar can swim (read: crawl) by himself and be independent. Ana tok sah cakapla..she is one happiest kid on earth!haha the pool was so huge even they can place a pirate ship in it..hehe it is completed with kids slide but my kids didn't get a chance to play this as they were all congested with adults..sigh!as they playing , i was counting seconds for the giant tipping buckets to flip..haha entah hape2..hubby rent a giant tube for me too..hehe lame tak lepas gian jadik budak2 main ngan pelampung..suke!

We also drift through the Adventure River..it is such a relaxing water ride..mau tak relaxing..me and the kiddos duk atas tube and hubby push us along the way..haha sian hubby..balik2 duk merungut lenguh kaki..takpela yer untuk anak dan isteri tercinta..haha

And we had  nice time pampering ourselves in the hot spring..bestnye!its good for the skin, blood circulation and for those who suffering from arthritis, its good to ease the joint movement. Sambil berendam sambil menikmati the beautiful scenery dan kehijauan bukit bukau..indahnya ciptaan Tuhan!I'll be back hot spring!!

We were only got out from the water when the rain came again..like, they were chasing us and said udah2 ler tu..kecut lisut dah kulit tu.kembang dah urat2 tu..haahaa..

Balik hotel, ayah bought dinner at Papparich and we got some rest..Actually melepek dah time ni.. but it seems buang masa just lepaking inside the room looking at the kids wrecking up the room..so hubby brought us to Ipoh Parade which is only 15 minutes away. The only shopping mall which still using coins to enter the parking lot..haha 

But it such not a good idea though. We forgot to bring the stroller and the kids really menguji kesabaran kami to the max. Ana ran here and there and Ammar didn't want me to carry him. He insisted to walk!u know when 1yr old kid walk kan..he tend to pull everything he can reach..tarik2 baju, tarik2 kasut..urgghhh!But we still bought one pair of shoes for Ammar and Mr.Quack2 plushies for Ana. Then we moved out as soon as we can.

The kids slept soundly that nite..thank God!mungkin letih sangat kot..then we had breakfast and just chillax in our room while waiting for check out time. We left the hotel at 12pm and had satay for lunch at RnR Elmina then we went to Nilai pulak..memang all out lah ni..haha

I bought queen bedsheet set with comforter for another cousin's wedding this June, pyjamas for Ammar, kain cotton for baju melayu hubby and tudung for me and Ana. Cari kain yang cantik2 for my baju kurung non hado..sume macam out of date..or is it me yang tak pandai menilai..? :p

Since we didn't find any nice cloth for my baju kurung, we went to Bangi pulak..tinggalkan Ana rumah cousin die sebentar and  our next destination were PKNS and Warta..but also non hado..but since it was the last day for Ariani member's day special we went to Ariani..hehe i bought 6tudung which worth only RM155 :)

Pick up my lovely Ana and went for dinner at Old Town Kopitiam Bangi..then balik terus!letih amat!tapi happy sangat2..holiday kan sape tak happy..hehe

 That's all peeps!Have a nice day!:)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SDMC and IKEA shopping

(Please note that this is also last week's entry..heheh)


Cannot find time to update the blog more often..the house chores and the two kiddos always make me busy and  at the end of the day i will regret it that i didn't update much this week.

Anywhoo, we took Ana to SDMC (Sime Darby Medical Centre), formerly known as Subang Jaya Medical Centre. It's been more than a month and the cough and phlegm are still there..as usual, she's been one superhyperactive girl during the day but the phlegm will keep disturbing her at night and she will go coughing and will only stop after vomiting few times..poor Ana..:(

The above photo : Hubby is registering..Ana is the only patient today! :)
The below photo : Chillax at Dome!:D

It's only 3pm when we were heading back, so i asked hubby is it okay if we go to IKEA..lagipon hari tu hari kerja..kompem tak ramai orang..haha my sporting and 'supporting' hubby luckily agree so we went to IKEA just to get some cloth (macam yang Ammar pegang ni) to make cover tilam budak2 ni, flower pot and salad bowl untuk ganti yang bebudak ni pecahkan. Nak beli new curtains and bed sheet jugak but they all ran out of stock :(

 My good boy!

Another picture of my good boy!:)

That's all peeps..lenguh jugak update blog tak renti2 ni..hihi

cruising at Mines Resort

Last saturday we went to Mines, Seri Kembangan coz hubby need to get new cooler pad for his lappy and i pon ambek kesempatan usha2 baju aka casing for my Tab..i chose pink color yaw..haha sangat girly!:p

Then, we had a fun time cruising around the lake..we chose the South Lake package or Greenery Cruise as it is the most cheapest package kot..haha the 15 minutes cruising cost at RM22 for one adult and we can enjoy the experience of cruising into aunique garden  and catch the glimpse of the Heritage..btw Thank God we don't have to pay for Ana and Ammar as only the children above 5yrs will be charged..so we paid RM44 at the counter and off we go :)

Actually, there are another package which is about the same rate as this one, the North Lake Cruise which is i think RM27 per adult and the scenery is also okay..instead of panoramic lake views, you can also view the beautiful lush greens of Mines Golf course.

Tke kids really had fun especially Ana who always loves nature..she had a chance feeding the fishes in the lake and one and only swan which i almost fainted knowing its price..hehe guess what? the swan you can see in above picture is RM4K maa...

Another packages available are :

- Edu Tour, Sunset Dining Cruise , Massage Cruise, Ride N Dine Cruise and etc.

But the one that attract me was Edu Tour which is special for school group. Students can learn about the lake ecosystem and getting up close with reptiles and pet animals and experience the 'amphibian' bus..haa now you wonder why they named it amphibian bus kan?macam katak pulak..ini adalah sebab this bus can be a bus and at the same time can float in the lake and become a boat..isn't that interesting?

After that, we went straightaway to my MIL's house..so that's our cruising story, seeya!

One utama

Hai this is supposed to be posted last week but i was too busy and only today i have time to park myself in front of my lappy and update :D

Actually, we just came back from a short holiday at Lost World of Tambun which is so exciting..will post about that later.

Last week, my sis came for 4 days and we spent most of our day crafting..will also story about this later (berapa banyak later daa..haha) and on Monday we went to One Utama..she needed to change her shoes  she bought before which she said it was too tight on her..after that we went to Marks & Spencer to get pants for hubby and then went ronda2 surveying shoes and handbag for  her wedding. 

As expected, surveying with 2 kids is never easy..Ammar is not a big problem as he is always a good boy as long as he is on his stroller but Ana!!urggghhh...

But the Kiddie Ride helped a lot..i get this at the Ground floor at RM3 for the first hour and RM1 for the subsequent hours..murah je kan!

Ana was ok at first..been excited riding her own car (actually it was me pushing her..haha) but minutes later she got bored and didn't want to sit in the car..haih!camane i nak control die lagi, nak tolak the car lagi.. kang kalo tengah busy2 kejar die ade org curik kiddie car tak ke satu hal nak bayar ganti rugi..it took quite some time for me to get her into the car again..pujuk punye pujuk sampaila i saw Baskin Robbin dari kejauhan..cepat2 i tolak the car towards BR and bought her ice cream..okay..lekatlah sebentar dalam keta tu..huh!

Then we went to Parkson. My sis was scouting around surveying her shoes while Ana was sipping her melting ice cream..sudah!!ice cream dah nak habis dah tu..the drama started again and this time she got off the car and started playing with the display shoes..and keep asking me 'cantek kan?' then ambek yang lain pulak..the salesgirl dah pandang2 i..but there's no way i can take her off or else she will scream her lungs out!

So i just let her do that but at the same time i tolongla kemas and put the shoes back at its place kan..bukannye i bior jer anak i sepahkan satu mall tu..huhu just to kill the time..cewas!

And while she was busy with the shoes and run here and there, there was one woman came to me and said 'You need to keep your eyes on her all the time' YES MAM!I do and always will!Well she meant good, i know..so you know how my daughter can attract so much attention from strangers or kidnappers!she can lost just in blink of an eye..Nauzubillah!  

But YEAH!We survived!Been thinking to get a safety belt like the one i saw in Nanny 911 so that Ana can't run away from me again..where to get that huh?the one in our market is in a form of bag and the mom will hold the string which is attach to the bag. But the problem with this is Ana will easily pull it out..and mungkin sedar2 aku duk heret anak orang lain nanti...haha