Monday, April 16, 2012



My weekend was awesome!really awesome!hehe

On Saturday, we went to Subang Parade to survey the price of Samsung Galaxy oh my..suddenly i got confused between that and iPad2..the features, tech design, and price were not so much different with iPad2 but i love the size of the Tab!just nice to fit in my handbag..hehe

And after lots of contemplation, berulang-alik dari Apple Store and Samsung booth, i finally make up my mind and the tab is now officially 'resting' in my handbag..hehe

Thanx alot dearest hubby for the pressie..sungguh tak ku sangka..and macam tak percaya!tapi dah orang nak kasi kan..susahnyela nak tolak..haha

And on Sunday, we went to SACC Mall for lunch..we had a great lunch at Asiari Restaurant..i had Sliced beef noodle soup and hubby had Beef salad yang ya ampunnn sedap amat!!!

Mr.hubby :)

Sliced beef noodle soup

Beef salad

model of the day

Last but not least, this is what i got from Sing last month..thanx!!Alhamdulillah murah rezki tahun ni..:)

Chanel Natural Finish Pressed Powder

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