Thursday, April 5, 2012

mane kau period?

Oh i am so worried as my period is already 1 week overdue..and remember the maajun?i don't take any of it yet coz the rules said i have to consume it one day after my period..seriously i had started thinking 'Am i pregnant?'..hopefully not!!uwaaa!!hubby suggested to get the pregnancy test and confirmed it by myself but i refused to coz i don't want any 'surprise' yet..not before he leave me for his Singapore trip this Sunday..kalo tak nanti mak nangis sorang2 kat rumah..tsk!

Btw today, we had Alfredo Spaghetti for breakfast..don't have any plan yet on what to cook for lunch.

Tomorrow is Friday already kan?how time flies..the clock tick so fast, even the person who stay at home like me can feel it.

Anyway, this Saturday hubby has an invitation from 'someone' in Putrajaya and i am still contemplating to join him or not. Actually i don't want to go at the first place coz i think it's not a good idea for us to expose ourselves to their families (dah gaya artis pulak dah..haha)..and the other reason is i don't want my kids to wreck up people's house who we don't actually very close to (even me tak penah kenal pon)..that such an a shame and not nice too!

But, after i give it a second thought, as hubby insist to go jugak there is no way for me to escape if i don't want him to meet 'her', alone.Not without me!(kuat cemburu betol lah kau ni..haha) If i let him go with Ana, nanti ape tuan rumah cakap pulak..shud i make up any reason?emmm..

And hubby will off to Singapore this Sunday and will come back a day after..kejap jer pon hanya satu malam tapi kalau Ana still batuk malam2 and Ammar asyik merengek for milk for sure ngan aku2 sekali tak leh tido..memikirkan bunyi itu ini lagi dari downstairs..dasar penakut sungguh..haha takpelah satu malam je pon..hehe oklah gotta go now!nak jemur kain :)

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