Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good bye ayah..

I just had my lunch after sending my hubby to airport just now..he's off to Singapore and will be back day trip only..

Yesterday, we didn't go to the kenduri in Putrajaya as i mentioned in my recent post..hubby decided it at the last minute. A bit relieved actually and he tell me may be we go there next time and not during the kenduri time where all the family members get together..and i think that is just awesome! takdela nanti ade yang pandang semacam pulak kat aku kan..hihi

My kids are all in a pink health now..Alhamdulillah!but Ana still can not tolerate to the cool weather or she will go coughing non a bit worried about that as she's like that for more than 2 weeks already..but so far everything's under control as long as she take her syrups 3times per day.And i just love her when it comes to taking syrups..takde masalah langsung!tak cukup ubat lagi ade..haha

Anyway, the stress part is my period is still refuse to show up. One week late already!urggghhhh!sungguh stress bile memikirkannya..and i'm still hoping for the miracle..tolonglah jangan preggy..plis be nice to me..not now plis!!:(

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