Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3 days updates


How's your weekend?Mine was pretty mild as we didn't go anywhere except for visiting MIL in Bangi on Saturday..and later in the afternoon SIL's family came as her husband had something nearby our house.

On Sunday, i woke up pretty early and went to pasar tani near Stadium Shah Alam..it is a tremendous market i've ever go to and you can find anything you want over there and u know what?out of so many lines of sellers there i only managed to 'khatam' not more than 5 lines kot..haha sangat malas nak merayap sampai ke belakang sana walaupun tak bawak anak..panas,sesak,belengas and sebagainya lah!

So, akhirnya I only went to place where i can find meat,chicken,fish, veges and fruits..maybe sometime terlepas sampai ke line yang jual tudung2 tu kan tapi baru jer satu barisan i dah surrender..the crowds was insane and if you really wanna go jalan2 kat situ u need to come very early, maybe after subuh to avoid the crowds..ke dorang tak bukak agi time tu?haha

Ok, so after spending almost RM150 for our 2weeks stock, i went home asap to prepare hubby's nasi kerabu as he requested for it..oh btw i know 150 is not a small amount..tu pon for 3 of us?and for 2 weeks only?like, are you serius?YES!I'M SERIOUS! Barang2 kat Pasar Karat (as they named it) memang damn expensive but we don't have any choice then, kat Giant or Tesco tu takat nak beli ayam boleh ler..fish and seafood sume mmg tak fresh..but thank God there's one pakcik ni die jual fresh meat right in front of Mydin B.Jelutong with only RM23/kg..kalau kat pasar mau cecah RM28 sekilo okay!!dah lar kadang2 kena tipu..kite mintak daging batang pinang or daging lembut, balik2 rebus dengan air sebaldi keras kekau gitu jugak..geram aku!

After cleaning all the fishes,meats etc and arranged them nicely in the fridge, we had breakfast and i started sorting stuff for nasi kerabu..hubby helped me on grilling the meat for the daging bakar and blend the ingredients for tumis..that was my 3rd time making nasi kerabu and the challenge part was this tumis..if your tumis doesn't turn out well, it was like you ruin the whole menu..if you don't want that to happen to you, make sure you give an extra attention to this one..gaya cakap macam expert je kan..ekeke then, i made the sambal ikan, boiled the salted egg, chopped up all the ulam and budus..but hubby altered this one..kureng manis katanya!huhu

We had our lunch after Zohor..ko bayangkan nak buat nasi kerabu for 2 orang mkn pon makan masa setengah hari..hahaha punyelah banyak die punye lauk pauk sampingan tu kan..itu belum buat ikan celup tepung dengan solok lada tu..kalo tak mau sampai ke malam tak siap2 lagi lunch..haha but puas hati sebab hubby cakap tumis i sedap..yeke?Alhamdulillah..:)

After finished cooking, suddenly my body was aching all over until i didn't have the appetite to eat..sayang kan!buat penat2 then tak lalu nak makan..rase sengal2 badan gini biasenye nak demam..tsk tsk!and at that point of time all i need was REST aka SLEEP! so i forced my kids to sleep and i went upstairs and slept with Ammar..it took about one hour for him to fell asleep..rase nak nangis je..huhu i had 2 hours of good sleep hoping for a better feeling as i woke up but unfortunately my body temperature raise..hembus nafas pun rase panas jer..tapi ade hati lagi bawak kids ke playground..dah janji kan, kesian pulak..tapi hubby la yang banyak melayan..hihi

Baik dari playground berselimut lah dalam blanket..tetibe rase seram sejuk..ate a bit, hubby gave me panadol and all of us went to sleep..lame dah tak rase sedap badan gini..sian hubby kena basuh pinggan bagai..hehe :)

On Monday, i felt better..my body still ached but no more fever, Tuhan Maha Penyanyang, i guess a mother doesn't deserve to get sick kot..if a mother get sick the whole house will not properly operated..hihi but we went to see Dr.Zaini and get some medication for Ana as she still cough badly during the night..the pharmacy's medicine is not good enough for her..and Alhamdulillah after she took her cough syrup yesterday, she slept well last nite with no more coughing :)

And today, with a good nite sleep last nite, we feel better!feel fresh!Had fried mee hoon for breakfast and i whipped up some chicken porridge for Ammar..and for lunch we had steamed sea bass, sayur campur and tempe and ikan bilis goreng pedas!yum!

p/s : this is yesterday's entry..baru sempat nak post!heheh

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