Friday, March 23, 2012

upstairs room banjir!


Huh..what a surprising Friday, i woke up,went straight to the bathroom..suddenly i noticed that the rug in front of the bathroom basah lencun..what i meant by basah lencun here is totally drenched!i was like ape hal pulak ni kan..but i guess maybe kids ade tumpahkan air or wat so ever..after solat subuh,hubby suddenly shouted for me to close the main water tap downstairs as the water was already all over the study room..

Apparently, the water in the water tank (which always a problem) got overflowed..the water didn't automatically stop running in by itself maybe because the pump was loose already (i don't know what is the real problem actually), the toilet hole clogged with melimpah2 la ayak tu masuk ke dalam bilik study kami..but, what i don't understand is how did the water flowed to our room?because the floor from the study room to my room was all nice and dry but the folded cloth which nicely arranged on the floor just beside my bathroom were all wet..satu keje tau nak basuh balik baju2 itu semua :(

So, just now i had collected all the wet clothes, sejadah, rugs , washed them and hang them...mintak2 tak hujan..but for the carpet which is super heavy already, i need to wait for my hubby who promised to come back after jumaat prayer..thats all see ya!

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