Monday, March 26, 2012

this is it!


After a hectic Saturday, my body was ache all over and feel like didn't want to get out of the bed..and so that i only woke up at 9am..haha tu pon sebab lapar tak tertahan..buruk perangai..hihi tetibe teringinnnn nak makan nasik kerabu makcik Bukit hubby was ok with the idea, i took a quick shower, bathed the kids, dressed them up wangi2, then off we go!

Unfortunately, the nasik kerabu idamanku was all ran out, so i tried nasik dagang instead..tak rugi you!nasi dagang die pon sodapppp and I almost burst into tears..hihi suddenly i miss my mom and her nasik dagang..huhu but u knw what, from all nasik kerabu i had ever tried, that was the best kot..except for the unbeatable MIL's nasi kerabu..that one is THE BEST!because only after i ate her nasik kerabu, i fell in love with it..sebelum ni tak suke..hihi

I had a chance to chat with the makcik kelate tu..apparently, she live at B.jelutong and as me duk puji2 nasik kerabu die, she offered to teach me how to make it..hihi tak tahulah betul ke tidak..ore klate ni kan sume manis-manis belake..:) After breakfast we headed to ACE Saujana Utama then balik the whole day we just stay at home and by evening, we worked on our garden. Ayah cut the grass and the garden turn out beatifully clean..this is it!ini baru gardening kan :)

Oh btw, kids were still down with the flu..and Ammar couldn't sleep the whole night. Poor baby! I think we can only sleep at about 5am..and today i woke up at almost 8am..sorry b!he only had toast for breakfast..sungguh tak larat :(

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