Friday, March 30, 2012



Thank God It's Friday!

It's only 10am and i'm already sweating like hell!huh after whipping up pasta bolognese for breakfast this morning, i did some vacuming, mopping, hanging and folding the clothes, cleaning the toilet and the most tired part was cleaning up the back part of my kitchen's been months i didn't clean up that space..and bukan takat berhabuk, dah berkulat bagai!haha

Oh btw hubby is taking a day off today(so far)!he said he had a bad back pain and now he's already for his Jumaat prayer and i get some time to update here..hehe tak kuase aku nak update blog depan die..hihi

Or maybe due to the lack of sleep last nite?or is it because of the heavy rain this morning?sangat nyaman hujan di subuh hari..dah lame kot tak ujan time2 gini..syok jer nak sambung tido kan..hehe

Btw, Ana was coughing so badly last nite and vomited on the bed. But she 's one clever girl!we asked her to spit out the pleghm and she did it..and that made her feel better after few times spitting out the stubborn germs!Oh Mr.germs,please go away from my girl!she doesn't need you! But i noticed that she only coughed during the nite..mungkin sejuk kot.After applying some Vicks on her chest,neck and back, i caressed her , tepuk-tepuk die and she fall into sleep.Alhamdulillah!

Maybe, today we need to go pharmacy again and get the new syrup for her. The syrup i'm giving her now is not helping at all.

Ok that's all!Enjoy your weekend!

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