Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm still waiting for my parcel..poslaju oh poslaju, where are you??

Actually, last week i bought this supplement online..actually it is the traditional maajun..i desperately need something (supplement) for my body..lately i feel like much2 exhausted, easily get headache, weak all the time(ke malas?haha), too lazy to drag myself out of bed every morning and emotionally unstable..ermm sometime i blamed on my PMS but as this symptom hits me everyday i don't think that's the cause after quite some time scouting around looking for suitable product for breastfeeding mom, i decided to try this one!MAB or Maajun Anggun Bestari..

I read the testimonials and most of the customers were satisfied with the product..siap boleh kuruskan badan you!mak dah teruja amat..hihi emailed the supplier to ask her either this product is suitable for bf she replied and said this product can increase the milk's production..itu sudah baguss!so i purchased 2 bottles for 2 month's supply..hopefully this product suits me well and make me more energetic..oh btw this product is mainly for family planning but it has thousands other benefits though..tak larat nak cerita let me try first ok darlings and perhaps i will came out with my own testimony!

Anyway, Alhamdulillah!my kids are getting bettter now..Ammar is a healthy boy now with no more runny nose!yay!and he had a goood nite sleep last too!:D Ana is still down with a bad's been 3 days i gave her the syrup but the pleghm is still there..poor kakak!

And, last nite Ammar accidentally burnt his fingers with the iron..ok its my bad actually!while i was ironing, ayah was performed his maghrib prayer and my kids were with him..after finished with the ironing thingy, switched off and straightaway went to the bathroom and left the iron just like that..biasanya, i will pull off the iron plug and placed it at the higher place..but not last nite!perhaps, i assumed the kids were with their ayah till the end of the prayer which most likely impossible!silly me!

So, in short, we applied some gamat jellies on the red skin which is not recommended(based on what i read in that didn't comfort him at all..he kept crying so i decided to cool the scald under the running water (which surprisingly recommended)..then, we decided to get some medicine at the nearest pharmacy..they gave us Bephanten First Aid to cool down the skin which has already swollen..Ammar kept on whining on our way to Tesco (ade hati lagi tu nak g Tesco) but totally stopped as we reached there as if nothing happened..hihi so the cream works yaw!

Here is the tips from .Just in case you encounter the same incident, at least you know what to do.

If your child is scalded, every second counts. Cool the scald immediately in or under cool running water for 20 minutes and seek medical attention.

• Never use ice, oil or butter, soy sauce or ointments. These can damage the skin further.
• Keep the child warm with a clean blanket and comfort them.
• Seek medical advice for any burn bigger than a 20 cent piece

So, as the conclusion before we start finding the stand ironing board, i have to do the ironing stuff on the table just to make sure this incident won't happen again!:)

p/s : terpanjang pulak rambling aku hari ni..hehe

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