Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lunch treat


I had a pretty exhausting Saturday..actually, we didn't plan to go anywhere this weekend but my SIL invited us for lunch at Zenith Restaurant..but i'm not regret at all as the food served were super delicious..was a bit excited when my SIL mentioned the restaurant as my favourite salted egg squid was there..yummy!

We moved out quiet early as hubby need to pick up his glasses at Focus point, turned out pretty good and my hubby still looked handsome in it even the pattern was not so much different with the previous one..while waiting, here's is my kids activity'..seriuosly,we need to keep track on Ana every single second or she will stray away and melt into the crowds!sungguh bahaya tau die ni!

At almost 12, we rushed to meet the family at the restaurant..oh btw the lunch was after my BIL who was entitled as Prof madya recently..congratz BIL..semoga dimurahkan rezeki selalu..amin

Btw, my kids were well behaved..Ammar was with me..he ate quite alot..maybe the soup was delicious and he was too busy playing with the bowl and didn't even notice of me shoved him the spoon..hehe and as usual, Ana will forget about me as soon as she nampak her cousins..she didn't ate that much..only 2-3 suap jer..then sambung main dengan the budak2 yang lain..

Me and hubby ate alot too..hihihi and found difficulties to took our ass of the chair..hihi then lepas makan dan berterima kasih segala we then drove to my MIL's house with 4 extra passangers..ranap kereta kejap..haha

And the challange started!ni yang aku malas nih..Ana was ok as the cousins were still there..duk sibuk melayan korea jerlah die..tapi yang most chalenging part was Ammar yang tak reti duduk diam langsung tau..this boy is superhyperactive i tell you!He will spent his time wrecking up the house..haha the second we stepped into the house, the flower vase,the candles and whatnot on the coffee table must be all taken to the higher place..itu baru bab coffee table..then, there must be someone on the stairs to make sure he didn't climb up..then, he will run to nenek's cupboard he opened the door, he will grabbed everything inside and campak2 on the floor..bile kite marah, he will slow down sebentar..huh usah terperdaya!kejap jer tu..a minute later, you will find him on the dining table pulak..sumpah geram!haha

Then,the 2 cousins went home and nenek went to her friend's house..i was too tired to run after this kid every time..tried to force him to sleep but he refused to..grrrhh..if we were at our house, i'm not this tired kot coz my house is really a childproof house..haha so biarkan saja mereka..paling sepah pon they will be scattering the sofa cushion or the toys on the floor..btw , the stairs had been blocked!yey!last week, ayah was too genius to turn out our old baby coat into a brand new safety fence..haha

After chasing around here and there, at last he gave up at almost 5pm..kurus kejap ibu!hehe then, it was Ana's turn to sleep..oh btw Ana was down with fever,flu and cough but masih active and when she met her cousins terus lupe die demam..I was so relieved after the kids finally slept, but a minute later i feel like what i'm gonna do now?serius buang masa kot..kalau kat rumah macam2 boleh buat kot..sigh!nasib baik few minutes later my MIL came back..

Ammar woke up earlier..but Ana was only woke up after Maghrib..sigh lagi!so bathed them, fried telur dadar, panaskan Asam pedas ikan bawal yang sedap amat, had dinner, did the dishes then we make a move at almost 9pm..sent the cousins back and Ammar got a pressie from kakyong!hihi it was Thomas train..choo choo!tq kakyong!

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