Wednesday, March 21, 2012

kena potong jari?

Gambar di atas tiada kene mengena dengan penceritaan hari ini :p

Yesterday was another hectic usual i woke up, solat subuh, had shower, went downstairs to make breakfast and sent hubby to office (hantar kat pagar rumah je yer..hihi)..then, i gave bath to my kids, feed them breakfast and finished up the laundry.

As i tidy up the house, my sister who came a day before came downstairs and told me her boyfriend had a minor accident at his workplace..and he was already in the operation theatre by the time his family informed my after zohor we went to Assunta hospital, PJ to pay him a visit..and guess what? me drive hokay..haha sangat bangga drive ke PJ for the first time..muahaha we reached there at 4pm and the receptionist said he was already taken to his room..he was ok except for he had lost his 2 finger tips (cane nak bagitau yer..die termasukkan die punyer hujung jari dalam mesin)..tapi okla..even sedikit 'cacat' but still punye jari..we all ingat semua jari dah kene potong dah..mana mau sarung cincin nanti?hihi

My kids were so excited for no reason (as usual) and started to make a noise..running here and there, jumping, rolled up in the hospital curtain, climbing the stairs, crawling on the floor...sangat pening ok!patient yang dah sehat pon boleh saket balik tengok dorang we decided to left asap before another patient got heart attack!haha

My sis drove on the way back as Ammar must be very hungry after not 'nenen' since expected we stuck in traffic for hours but thank God my kids well-behaved with no cranky-mranky at all..we stopped at JM Beriani,TTDI JAya and tapau for dinner..and safely arrived home at 7pm!

And at nite, stayed up to finished up the 'keras tangan' project!penuh jadual ibu! ;p

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