Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One year jab!


Since my camera is still merajuk dengan tuan dia, so the story goes without any pictures in it..sure boring!but i still wanna tell ya that Ammar got his one year jab yesterday at Klinik Dr.Zaini..little bit dissappointed as Dr.Zaini was not around and replaced by Dr.Syed..he was ok but we have been familiar with our cute and friendly Dr.Zaini..

Ammar was ok at first especially when he can play at the mini playground at the clinic with kakak..tak hengat dunia hokay!running here and there..but the mood suddenly changed when we entered the room and getting worst when the assistant wanted to put him on the weighing machine!there u go!he cried out loud just like that assistant wanted to take him away from me..haha but after ber'goo goo-gaa gaa' we managed to put him on that machine..surprisingly he is 13 kg and no wonder la ayah don't want to carry you anymore in that carrier..saket belakang woo..hihi

Then, another drama started, this time that assistant wanted to lay him down on the bed so that it is much easier to 'cucuk montot' die..haha sekali lagi meraung2 bagaikan merayu tak nak dicucuk..haha so kesian!but for not making the situation got worse and let him muntah kat situ sebab nangis banyak sangat, both of us hold him very tight and the doctor jab die cepat2..and finally DONE!fuh..

Actually, before this, with Dr,zaini, he was just ok with no tantrum at all..and yes maybe just a little bit of crying right after been jabbed but that's it!lepas tu ok jer..so i guess this must be because he didn't get enough sleep before entering the doctor's room..u knowlah bila budak2 penat dan tak cukup tidur camtulah jadinya..huhu

Then, since Ammar was ok, i decided to go to IKEA and ayah just ok with it..dah alang2 ayah cuti kan..ibu memang terer bab2 mengambil kesempatan ni..kah3 actually i wanna look for a BIG box..u hear me?a BIG BOX!YES..A VERY BIG ONE!to put toys yang sangat banyak ini..hadoila..kalau nak pindah nanti sure kena sewa lori khas untuk memuatkan semua barang2 mainan ni..yang sendiri beli ,yang orang kasi, yang budak2 ni mengarot lagi ..hish3!budak2 jaman sekarang..ibu dulu the only barang permainan ibu was a TEDDY BEAR sahaja!one for me and one for your beloved auntie..itu pon malam2 teddy bear tu kena tido luaq..haha my parents was very strict about toys inside the house which they said that will not allowed Malaikat Rahmat to enter the house..that's why we always sleep in peace every night even in one small room ..maybe kami dilindungi oleh malaikat rahmat ini.. ok!ibu rindu kampun halaman..sob sob!:)

So that day 'tangkapan' kami hanyalah that big box,2 rectangular dining plates, 2 pillows and on our way back i bought my favourite lily..:)

And that night , DIY project started..we found a nice cloth at only RM15 per metre by chance at MACY clearance sale..actually it was kain langsir but since the price was reasonable and the monochromme pattern which i love so much, why not kan?so we grabbed 4 metres and wallah!the plain white comot sofa had been transformed to an elegant and exclusive couch!hihi

Will upload the pix later,pray hard i can have my camera back..what a bland story ithout the pictures kan?

See ya!

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