Thursday, March 1, 2012

falling for felt


Few days ago i had google about felt craft and I fell in love with it all of sudden!YES, i love cute staff and double love if i can do it myself..and for those who know me, they surely know that i love baking and decorating cakes or cupcakes but with this 2 kids that use most of my time, i can't even have time decorate the cakes properly and be creative with my the passion must be suppressed for the time being..maybe when they get older, i can bake again,hopefully!

Ok2 back to the topic again..i never knew that this felt stuff is soooo cute..when i saw one of my friend's art work which she transformed a plain pillow into a cute pillow with the name and cartoons on it, i became so excited!that is too cute and i wanna make one for my kid too! so i do some research on how to sew them,collect some ideas, stuff that i need and finally i found this!

This is perfect for a starter like me!hee~

and people..please look at these cute felt crafty..they look so adorable rite!i have save some other collections too which i got from the internet..will surely try to make them i'm trying my hands with those stitches that usually used in felt craft (blanket stitch, back stitch and outline stitch)..still trying to sew them neatly :)

While i'm trying hard to make this stuff, please enjoy some pix that i found on google!

really H.E.A.R.T this!!

This is from Aliaa's website :)

Turning those simple and boring clock into this doesn't bad at all rite?

Owl cards..mikylayna's art work that really make me inspired!

Will learn how to make this too!Oh so excited!

That's all for now!CUTE STUFF, here i come!!:)

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