Friday, March 16, 2012

driving with 2 kids


Today is ibu's busy day!hehe no lah!not too busy buat2 busy my niece is coming and i decided to pick her up at her apartment (condo actually ;p) at Prima 1, Shah alam..well that is my first time driving quite far from my house with this 2 kids..

I left the house quite early as todayis Friday and i bet the traffic will be my niece sms me and said she's quite late while me have to leave earlier, i decided to go to Tesco first and tapau our lunch..i parked this 2 kids inside the trolley, drew some money and went straight away to JM Beriani..i ordered my favourite Fried Lamb Rosemary, Beriani daging and Ayam masak merah with 3 nasik beriani.

After having lunch, i baked some cream puff for our makan petang..that night, we had our dinner at Secret Recipe B.Jelutong..bolognese spaghetti for me and ana, salsa had her fish and chips and we also took slice of cheese cake and chocolate cake each.

On Saturday, we sent salsa to Puncak bangi but before that ayah need to go to Alamanda to order his new glasses. Then, we had our lunch at Chinese muslim restaurant at Bangi and went to nenek's house but she's not home. After waiting for couple hours, we decided to go back home. We reached home around 6pm.

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