Thursday, March 15, 2012

dream house


Harini nak berangan boleh?hihi

I wish someday we will have our own house..our DREAM HOUSE InsyAllah..last year, we managed to get a double storey terrace in Kajang 'by chance' and i think it should be ready at the end of this year..and definitely one of the neighbour is my MIL..horror...hihi actually we don't have any plan for this house yet of the reason is because the house is quite far from hubby's workplace and it takes one hour driving to reach the office everyday..sure penat!and the car needs its 'drinks' everyday which can cost us almost one thousand monthly including the toll..sure poket pon penat!there's few more reasons lah why we all agak 'berat hati' to move there but so far that's the MAIN reason lah ;)

Okay..if we have our on house, the main thing i definitely wish for is the WOOD FLOORING..white oak from Europe sounds awesome or something from Australia?how about Tasmanian oak?

First of all, the style that i lurrvvee so much is of course something simple like modern contemporary or classic modern but the one like the above picture not that bad hah?just love the cosy white couch, the coffee table and of course the combination of the earth colors with some greeneries..awesome!

Console table is always perfect to spruce up those dull white hall..

This headboard aka bookshelf is a brilliant idea rite. But with this 2 kids i'm sure they will adopt their skills and use that as the ladder to climb up.

Another wishlist..i hope we can afford to have one extra room and changed it into MINI LIBRARY..and place one nice couch at the another angle, we can place a small table and chairs for our kids and so that they can read books while hubby reading his favourite books..and at another angle we can place hubby's desk as a home office..perfect! :)

Sometimes, weird colors look nice too if we're good in combining this one..i hate maroons colors in my house (i think this is maroon.what do u think?) but the combination of maroon, beige and black doesn't look bad at all actually though.

What i love about this picture above is the sitting bench is also a storage yaw..and i love the colors (hubby will surely know this already..brown brown brown..haha) but this color is a calming color kan..sejuk jer mata mandang..tak serabut2!hihi

Eh no no!this is not my bed!hahaha for surelah with the dog nicely posed over there kan..but i love the huge, dark brown colors bed(brown lagik..hihi)..looks elegant!macam one set ngan our dining set pon ye gak ni..hihi

How adorable is this dining area? with that pretty pretty chandeliar..i like! There, i'll organize tea parties or dinners with my girlfriends, using hubby's hard earned money and we'll gossip and chat and bake and eat cakes, macaroons and cookies all day long.

This is the kind of kitchen i imagine i'll be having when we have our on house insyaAllah, something simple in white.or something like in Barefoot contessa..cantek banget kan die punye kitchen set.

Actually there's more design and style that i love so much in local magazine that i purchased every month like Impiana, Apartment, Anjung Seri, ID..btw all these pictures above i got from Small Place Style, one inspiration blog for those who have a limited space house.

Sekian sesi buah berangan ibu untuk harini..kalau dapat suatu hari nanti Ahamdulillah..kalo tak dapat pon takpe..bak kata my friend, berangan bukan pakai duit pon!hihi

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