Wednesday, March 28, 2012

another rambling

I am too tired!YES!I meant it!Being with 2 superhyperactive kids all day long 24/7 is not easy at all.don't get me wrong..i'm not complaining..just need to ventilate my feelings here and release anything that burdened me..No no no!!I don't mean my kids are such a burden, yet i feel guilty writing this but i'm just a human who sometime need to speak out on what i feel unless i will be like a volcano that can erupt anytime..sound terrible huh!

I'm jealous of working mom out there..i know you are tired too..with the kids,house chores, work loads, deal with clients, fussy bosses but at least sometime you do have 'me time' though..have lunch with friends,chill out sometime..takkan 8-5 kejeeee je kan..but to me..'me time'?ape tu?haha sungguh kasihan!

The second i open my eyes everyday i'm just cannot think about any others but to have a quick shower,prepare breakfast,kemas rumah,laundry,bath the kids,cook lunch,feed the kids,make them sleep, watch tv(is that consider as me time with the kids sometime on your lap, wanna play with you, or calling you cause they just had poo poo),kemas lagi and the cycle goes round and round until my husband come home..and because of the tense, i can't help myself from texting my husband 'ayah kat mane?','nak balik pukul berapa?','kenapa xbalik lagi?' almost everyday,even i know he has been suffocated with his workloads the whole day.

And the two kids that fought 24/7 really bring me a deadlock!sometime i don't know what to do with them and it seemed that the fence that geniusly created by ayah is no longer genius..haha Ammar did his math, calculating the degree of strength to pull that fence out and voila!suddenly the 'fence' is not a fence just a part of pathetic cot that had dropped on the sape lagi genius sekarang ni?hehe and there you go..episod kejar-mengejar atas tangga bermula lagi!sigh!

As for Ana, it's not hard to take care of her as long as u know the tricks and of course need lots of psychology approaches..dealing with budak yg dah panjang akal kan..tapi makin hari suara die MasyaAllah nak pecah gegendang telinga mak,nak..espcly if she threw her tantrum..and at this age pon she still goes berserk just anywhere..kalau tak kasi ape yg die nak siap lah..die boleh guling2 kat situ jugak..hehe sangat mencabar tahap kewarasan!

But, lucky me!i have such an understanding husband..very supportive and help me alot!he even don't mind if i asked him to go out after his busy day at work..or he will ask me 'ibu nak starbucks ke?' haha coz he know i lurve really helps me release the tense and that's why sometime i take coffee more than i should which is i know,not healthy..:(

But to be honest, i prefer staying at home with my kids even they make me becoming a hideous monster all the time, nagging at them just like a crazy woman, and fooling myself tidying up the house thousand times a day!haha i think that's the sacrifice and the challenge i have to take though.. :)

Nevertheless,with all the challenges (as i named it), yang paling penting i can watch them growing right before my eyes!my kids do not become a victim of cruel nannies at the nursery and my kids are given a good meal everyday (air tangan ibu itu yang paling mustahak) thinking of those madness of outside world nowadays i am grateful that i'm a SAHM which my kids can count on every single day..i love you,kids!

Okaylah all negative vibes aside,hello Thursday!

Hope u all have a nice day and please pray for more positive vibes coming for me..hehe

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