Friday, March 30, 2012

i am a mother!

Found this on Facebook

Well, this is sooo me!especially 'What i really want to do' part..haha



Thank God It's Friday!

It's only 10am and i'm already sweating like hell!huh after whipping up pasta bolognese for breakfast this morning, i did some vacuming, mopping, hanging and folding the clothes, cleaning the toilet and the most tired part was cleaning up the back part of my kitchen's been months i didn't clean up that space..and bukan takat berhabuk, dah berkulat bagai!haha

Oh btw hubby is taking a day off today(so far)!he said he had a bad back pain and now he's already for his Jumaat prayer and i get some time to update here..hehe tak kuase aku nak update blog depan die..hihi

Or maybe due to the lack of sleep last nite?or is it because of the heavy rain this morning?sangat nyaman hujan di subuh hari..dah lame kot tak ujan time2 gini..syok jer nak sambung tido kan..hehe

Btw, Ana was coughing so badly last nite and vomited on the bed. But she 's one clever girl!we asked her to spit out the pleghm and she did it..and that made her feel better after few times spitting out the stubborn germs!Oh Mr.germs,please go away from my girl!she doesn't need you! But i noticed that she only coughed during the nite..mungkin sejuk kot.After applying some Vicks on her chest,neck and back, i caressed her , tepuk-tepuk die and she fall into sleep.Alhamdulillah!

Maybe, today we need to go pharmacy again and get the new syrup for her. The syrup i'm giving her now is not helping at all.

Ok that's all!Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

another rambling

I am too tired!YES!I meant it!Being with 2 superhyperactive kids all day long 24/7 is not easy at all.don't get me wrong..i'm not complaining..just need to ventilate my feelings here and release anything that burdened me..No no no!!I don't mean my kids are such a burden, yet i feel guilty writing this but i'm just a human who sometime need to speak out on what i feel unless i will be like a volcano that can erupt anytime..sound terrible huh!

I'm jealous of working mom out there..i know you are tired too..with the kids,house chores, work loads, deal with clients, fussy bosses but at least sometime you do have 'me time' though..have lunch with friends,chill out sometime..takkan 8-5 kejeeee je kan..but to me..'me time'?ape tu?haha sungguh kasihan!

The second i open my eyes everyday i'm just cannot think about any others but to have a quick shower,prepare breakfast,kemas rumah,laundry,bath the kids,cook lunch,feed the kids,make them sleep, watch tv(is that consider as me time with the kids sometime on your lap, wanna play with you, or calling you cause they just had poo poo),kemas lagi and the cycle goes round and round until my husband come home..and because of the tense, i can't help myself from texting my husband 'ayah kat mane?','nak balik pukul berapa?','kenapa xbalik lagi?' almost everyday,even i know he has been suffocated with his workloads the whole day.

And the two kids that fought 24/7 really bring me a deadlock!sometime i don't know what to do with them and it seemed that the fence that geniusly created by ayah is no longer genius..haha Ammar did his math, calculating the degree of strength to pull that fence out and voila!suddenly the 'fence' is not a fence just a part of pathetic cot that had dropped on the sape lagi genius sekarang ni?hehe and there you go..episod kejar-mengejar atas tangga bermula lagi!sigh!

As for Ana, it's not hard to take care of her as long as u know the tricks and of course need lots of psychology approaches..dealing with budak yg dah panjang akal kan..tapi makin hari suara die MasyaAllah nak pecah gegendang telinga mak,nak..espcly if she threw her tantrum..and at this age pon she still goes berserk just anywhere..kalau tak kasi ape yg die nak siap lah..die boleh guling2 kat situ jugak..hehe sangat mencabar tahap kewarasan!

But, lucky me!i have such an understanding husband..very supportive and help me alot!he even don't mind if i asked him to go out after his busy day at work..or he will ask me 'ibu nak starbucks ke?' haha coz he know i lurve really helps me release the tense and that's why sometime i take coffee more than i should which is i know,not healthy..:(

But to be honest, i prefer staying at home with my kids even they make me becoming a hideous monster all the time, nagging at them just like a crazy woman, and fooling myself tidying up the house thousand times a day!haha i think that's the sacrifice and the challenge i have to take though.. :)

Nevertheless,with all the challenges (as i named it), yang paling penting i can watch them growing right before my eyes!my kids do not become a victim of cruel nannies at the nursery and my kids are given a good meal everyday (air tangan ibu itu yang paling mustahak) thinking of those madness of outside world nowadays i am grateful that i'm a SAHM which my kids can count on every single day..i love you,kids!

Okaylah all negative vibes aside,hello Thursday!

Hope u all have a nice day and please pray for more positive vibes coming for me..hehe


I'm still waiting for my parcel..poslaju oh poslaju, where are you??

Actually, last week i bought this supplement online..actually it is the traditional maajun..i desperately need something (supplement) for my body..lately i feel like much2 exhausted, easily get headache, weak all the time(ke malas?haha), too lazy to drag myself out of bed every morning and emotionally unstable..ermm sometime i blamed on my PMS but as this symptom hits me everyday i don't think that's the cause after quite some time scouting around looking for suitable product for breastfeeding mom, i decided to try this one!MAB or Maajun Anggun Bestari..

I read the testimonials and most of the customers were satisfied with the product..siap boleh kuruskan badan you!mak dah teruja amat..hihi emailed the supplier to ask her either this product is suitable for bf she replied and said this product can increase the milk's production..itu sudah baguss!so i purchased 2 bottles for 2 month's supply..hopefully this product suits me well and make me more energetic..oh btw this product is mainly for family planning but it has thousands other benefits though..tak larat nak cerita let me try first ok darlings and perhaps i will came out with my own testimony!

Anyway, Alhamdulillah!my kids are getting bettter now..Ammar is a healthy boy now with no more runny nose!yay!and he had a goood nite sleep last too!:D Ana is still down with a bad's been 3 days i gave her the syrup but the pleghm is still there..poor kakak!

And, last nite Ammar accidentally burnt his fingers with the iron..ok its my bad actually!while i was ironing, ayah was performed his maghrib prayer and my kids were with him..after finished with the ironing thingy, switched off and straightaway went to the bathroom and left the iron just like that..biasanya, i will pull off the iron plug and placed it at the higher place..but not last nite!perhaps, i assumed the kids were with their ayah till the end of the prayer which most likely impossible!silly me!

So, in short, we applied some gamat jellies on the red skin which is not recommended(based on what i read in that didn't comfort him at all..he kept crying so i decided to cool the scald under the running water (which surprisingly recommended)..then, we decided to get some medicine at the nearest pharmacy..they gave us Bephanten First Aid to cool down the skin which has already swollen..Ammar kept on whining on our way to Tesco (ade hati lagi tu nak g Tesco) but totally stopped as we reached there as if nothing happened..hihi so the cream works yaw!

Here is the tips from .Just in case you encounter the same incident, at least you know what to do.

If your child is scalded, every second counts. Cool the scald immediately in or under cool running water for 20 minutes and seek medical attention.

• Never use ice, oil or butter, soy sauce or ointments. These can damage the skin further.
• Keep the child warm with a clean blanket and comfort them.
• Seek medical advice for any burn bigger than a 20 cent piece

So, as the conclusion before we start finding the stand ironing board, i have to do the ironing stuff on the table just to make sure this incident won't happen again!:)

p/s : terpanjang pulak rambling aku hari ni..hehe

Monday, March 26, 2012

this is it!


After a hectic Saturday, my body was ache all over and feel like didn't want to get out of the bed..and so that i only woke up at 9am..haha tu pon sebab lapar tak tertahan..buruk perangai..hihi tetibe teringinnnn nak makan nasik kerabu makcik Bukit hubby was ok with the idea, i took a quick shower, bathed the kids, dressed them up wangi2, then off we go!

Unfortunately, the nasik kerabu idamanku was all ran out, so i tried nasik dagang instead..tak rugi you!nasi dagang die pon sodapppp and I almost burst into tears..hihi suddenly i miss my mom and her nasik dagang..huhu but u knw what, from all nasik kerabu i had ever tried, that was the best kot..except for the unbeatable MIL's nasi kerabu..that one is THE BEST!because only after i ate her nasik kerabu, i fell in love with it..sebelum ni tak suke..hihi

I had a chance to chat with the makcik kelate tu..apparently, she live at B.jelutong and as me duk puji2 nasik kerabu die, she offered to teach me how to make it..hihi tak tahulah betul ke tidak..ore klate ni kan sume manis-manis belake..:) After breakfast we headed to ACE Saujana Utama then balik the whole day we just stay at home and by evening, we worked on our garden. Ayah cut the grass and the garden turn out beatifully clean..this is it!ini baru gardening kan :)

Oh btw, kids were still down with the flu..and Ammar couldn't sleep the whole night. Poor baby! I think we can only sleep at about 5am..and today i woke up at almost 8am..sorry b!he only had toast for breakfast..sungguh tak larat :(

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lunch treat


I had a pretty exhausting Saturday..actually, we didn't plan to go anywhere this weekend but my SIL invited us for lunch at Zenith Restaurant..but i'm not regret at all as the food served were super delicious..was a bit excited when my SIL mentioned the restaurant as my favourite salted egg squid was there..yummy!

We moved out quiet early as hubby need to pick up his glasses at Focus point, turned out pretty good and my hubby still looked handsome in it even the pattern was not so much different with the previous one..while waiting, here's is my kids activity'..seriuosly,we need to keep track on Ana every single second or she will stray away and melt into the crowds!sungguh bahaya tau die ni!

At almost 12, we rushed to meet the family at the restaurant..oh btw the lunch was after my BIL who was entitled as Prof madya recently..congratz BIL..semoga dimurahkan rezeki selalu..amin

Btw, my kids were well behaved..Ammar was with me..he ate quite alot..maybe the soup was delicious and he was too busy playing with the bowl and didn't even notice of me shoved him the spoon..hehe and as usual, Ana will forget about me as soon as she nampak her cousins..she didn't ate that much..only 2-3 suap jer..then sambung main dengan the budak2 yang lain..

Me and hubby ate alot too..hihihi and found difficulties to took our ass of the chair..hihi then lepas makan dan berterima kasih segala we then drove to my MIL's house with 4 extra passangers..ranap kereta kejap..haha

And the challange started!ni yang aku malas nih..Ana was ok as the cousins were still there..duk sibuk melayan korea jerlah die..tapi yang most chalenging part was Ammar yang tak reti duduk diam langsung tau..this boy is superhyperactive i tell you!He will spent his time wrecking up the house..haha the second we stepped into the house, the flower vase,the candles and whatnot on the coffee table must be all taken to the higher place..itu baru bab coffee table..then, there must be someone on the stairs to make sure he didn't climb up..then, he will run to nenek's cupboard he opened the door, he will grabbed everything inside and campak2 on the floor..bile kite marah, he will slow down sebentar..huh usah terperdaya!kejap jer tu..a minute later, you will find him on the dining table pulak..sumpah geram!haha

Then,the 2 cousins went home and nenek went to her friend's house..i was too tired to run after this kid every time..tried to force him to sleep but he refused to..grrrhh..if we were at our house, i'm not this tired kot coz my house is really a childproof house..haha so biarkan saja mereka..paling sepah pon they will be scattering the sofa cushion or the toys on the floor..btw , the stairs had been blocked!yey!last week, ayah was too genius to turn out our old baby coat into a brand new safety fence..haha

After chasing around here and there, at last he gave up at almost 5pm..kurus kejap ibu!hehe then, it was Ana's turn to sleep..oh btw Ana was down with fever,flu and cough but masih active and when she met her cousins terus lupe die demam..I was so relieved after the kids finally slept, but a minute later i feel like what i'm gonna do now?serius buang masa kot..kalau kat rumah macam2 boleh buat kot..sigh!nasib baik few minutes later my MIL came back..

Ammar woke up earlier..but Ana was only woke up after Maghrib..sigh lagi!so bathed them, fried telur dadar, panaskan Asam pedas ikan bawal yang sedap amat, had dinner, did the dishes then we make a move at almost 9pm..sent the cousins back and Ammar got a pressie from kakyong!hihi it was Thomas train..choo choo!tq kakyong!

Friday, March 23, 2012

upstairs room banjir!


Huh..what a surprising Friday, i woke up,went straight to the bathroom..suddenly i noticed that the rug in front of the bathroom basah lencun..what i meant by basah lencun here is totally drenched!i was like ape hal pulak ni kan..but i guess maybe kids ade tumpahkan air or wat so ever..after solat subuh,hubby suddenly shouted for me to close the main water tap downstairs as the water was already all over the study room..

Apparently, the water in the water tank (which always a problem) got overflowed..the water didn't automatically stop running in by itself maybe because the pump was loose already (i don't know what is the real problem actually), the toilet hole clogged with melimpah2 la ayak tu masuk ke dalam bilik study kami..but, what i don't understand is how did the water flowed to our room?because the floor from the study room to my room was all nice and dry but the folded cloth which nicely arranged on the floor just beside my bathroom were all wet..satu keje tau nak basuh balik baju2 itu semua :(

So, just now i had collected all the wet clothes, sejadah, rugs , washed them and hang them...mintak2 tak hujan..but for the carpet which is super heavy already, i need to wait for my hubby who promised to come back after jumaat prayer..thats all see ya!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

kena potong jari?

Gambar di atas tiada kene mengena dengan penceritaan hari ini :p

Yesterday was another hectic usual i woke up, solat subuh, had shower, went downstairs to make breakfast and sent hubby to office (hantar kat pagar rumah je yer..hihi)..then, i gave bath to my kids, feed them breakfast and finished up the laundry.

As i tidy up the house, my sister who came a day before came downstairs and told me her boyfriend had a minor accident at his workplace..and he was already in the operation theatre by the time his family informed my after zohor we went to Assunta hospital, PJ to pay him a visit..and guess what? me drive hokay..haha sangat bangga drive ke PJ for the first time..muahaha we reached there at 4pm and the receptionist said he was already taken to his room..he was ok except for he had lost his 2 finger tips (cane nak bagitau yer..die termasukkan die punyer hujung jari dalam mesin)..tapi okla..even sedikit 'cacat' but still punye jari..we all ingat semua jari dah kene potong dah..mana mau sarung cincin nanti?hihi

My kids were so excited for no reason (as usual) and started to make a noise..running here and there, jumping, rolled up in the hospital curtain, climbing the stairs, crawling on the floor...sangat pening ok!patient yang dah sehat pon boleh saket balik tengok dorang we decided to left asap before another patient got heart attack!haha

My sis drove on the way back as Ammar must be very hungry after not 'nenen' since expected we stuck in traffic for hours but thank God my kids well-behaved with no cranky-mranky at all..we stopped at JM Beriani,TTDI JAya and tapau for dinner..and safely arrived home at 7pm!

And at nite, stayed up to finished up the 'keras tangan' project!penuh jadual ibu! ;p

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Red velvet cupcake

Assalamualaikum last i managed to bake this red velvet cupcake!i used to bake this as a cake for my mom's birthday but with that swirl of cream cheese frosting, it looks yummier as a cupcake, rite?

Do they look good?ok la kan for a guinea pig cook like me..hehe

That's all..wassalam!

Marble cheese brownies recipe


I don't know what to nag about today..but it's been a while i didn't post any new recipe that i have tried. So, today let's look at this marble cheese brownies that i always bake.. if there's a party or kenduri, i usually bring this as buah tangan :)

It is quite simple to do even u can see there's 2 layers of cake there..but why i said it is simple is because you don't have to use your mixer here..just mix them up with your spatula.

This recipe i c&p from jasmeen fotopages..malas nak edit2 dah..selamat mencuba!


Bahan Choc. Cake
250gm Butter
1 cwn serbuk koko
3 biji telur - gred B
1½ cwn gula kator
½ cwn susu cair
1½ cwn tepung gandum
1 sdt Baking powder
1 sdt Soda bikabonat
1 sdt esen vanilla

Lapisan Cheese
250gm Cream Cheese
1 cwn gula kastor
1 biji telur - gred B

Cara :-
1- Cairkan butter - masukkan serbuk koko & kacau rata.
2- Dalam mangkuk lain, pukul telur & gula (guna wisk saja) smpi sebati.
3- Kemudian campurkan dgn bancuhan butter td...kacau smpi sebati.
4- Masukkan susu cair > kacau lagi...
5- Masukkan tepung, BP & SB (kalo rajin ayak dulu) - kacau sehingga sebati & masukkan esen vanila.
6- Panaskan oven
7- Alas loyang saiz 10 X 10 X 1inci dgn griss paper (biarkan terjuntai sedikit)
8- Masukkan bancuha coklat ke dlm loyang...tinggalkan 2-3sdb & masukkan kedlm plastic..(utk buat corak marble)
9- Bakar selama 20min - guna api atas bawah

Sementara tggu bahan choc. masak sedikit, kita sediakan bahan cheese..
> Pukul cream cheese sehingga gebu.
> Masuukan gula > pukul lg hingga sebati.
> Masukkan telur > pukul lagi hingga sebati

**Selepas 20min..keluarkan bahan choc yg separuh masak tadi...tuangkan bahan cheese..ratakan keseluruh atas kek...
**Paipkan baki chocolate atas cheese, & lorekkan ikut suka..
**Bakar lg selama 15min atau sehingga cheese masak...

Monday, March 19, 2012



What i planned last week become true..hehe alah..gardening jer pon..itu pon nak kecoh..haha

So this is our activity yesterday.

Earlier, we went to nursery and bought couple bags of soil, pokok limau purut and pokok tikar seladang (or some might call this pokok kesidang)
So basically this is our garden (garden la sangat kan..hihi) so far only have few small plants..will add some more soon :)

Have a nice day everyone!

Friday, March 16, 2012

driving with 2 kids


Today is ibu's busy day!hehe no lah!not too busy buat2 busy my niece is coming and i decided to pick her up at her apartment (condo actually ;p) at Prima 1, Shah alam..well that is my first time driving quite far from my house with this 2 kids..

I left the house quite early as todayis Friday and i bet the traffic will be my niece sms me and said she's quite late while me have to leave earlier, i decided to go to Tesco first and tapau our lunch..i parked this 2 kids inside the trolley, drew some money and went straight away to JM Beriani..i ordered my favourite Fried Lamb Rosemary, Beriani daging and Ayam masak merah with 3 nasik beriani.

After having lunch, i baked some cream puff for our makan petang..that night, we had our dinner at Secret Recipe B.Jelutong..bolognese spaghetti for me and ana, salsa had her fish and chips and we also took slice of cheese cake and chocolate cake each.

On Saturday, we sent salsa to Puncak bangi but before that ayah need to go to Alamanda to order his new glasses. Then, we had our lunch at Chinese muslim restaurant at Bangi and went to nenek's house but she's not home. After waiting for couple hours, we decided to go back home. We reached home around 6pm.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

dream house


Harini nak berangan boleh?hihi

I wish someday we will have our own house..our DREAM HOUSE InsyAllah..last year, we managed to get a double storey terrace in Kajang 'by chance' and i think it should be ready at the end of this year..and definitely one of the neighbour is my MIL..horror...hihi actually we don't have any plan for this house yet of the reason is because the house is quite far from hubby's workplace and it takes one hour driving to reach the office everyday..sure penat!and the car needs its 'drinks' everyday which can cost us almost one thousand monthly including the toll..sure poket pon penat!there's few more reasons lah why we all agak 'berat hati' to move there but so far that's the MAIN reason lah ;)

Okay..if we have our on house, the main thing i definitely wish for is the WOOD FLOORING..white oak from Europe sounds awesome or something from Australia?how about Tasmanian oak?

First of all, the style that i lurrvvee so much is of course something simple like modern contemporary or classic modern but the one like the above picture not that bad hah?just love the cosy white couch, the coffee table and of course the combination of the earth colors with some greeneries..awesome!

Console table is always perfect to spruce up those dull white hall..

This headboard aka bookshelf is a brilliant idea rite. But with this 2 kids i'm sure they will adopt their skills and use that as the ladder to climb up.

Another wishlist..i hope we can afford to have one extra room and changed it into MINI LIBRARY..and place one nice couch at the another angle, we can place a small table and chairs for our kids and so that they can read books while hubby reading his favourite books..and at another angle we can place hubby's desk as a home office..perfect! :)

Sometimes, weird colors look nice too if we're good in combining this one..i hate maroons colors in my house (i think this is maroon.what do u think?) but the combination of maroon, beige and black doesn't look bad at all actually though.

What i love about this picture above is the sitting bench is also a storage yaw..and i love the colors (hubby will surely know this already..brown brown brown..haha) but this color is a calming color kan..sejuk jer mata mandang..tak serabut2!hihi

Eh no no!this is not my bed!hahaha for surelah with the dog nicely posed over there kan..but i love the huge, dark brown colors bed(brown lagik..hihi)..looks elegant!macam one set ngan our dining set pon ye gak ni..hihi

How adorable is this dining area? with that pretty pretty chandeliar..i like! There, i'll organize tea parties or dinners with my girlfriends, using hubby's hard earned money and we'll gossip and chat and bake and eat cakes, macaroons and cookies all day long.

This is the kind of kitchen i imagine i'll be having when we have our on house insyaAllah, something simple in white.or something like in Barefoot contessa..cantek banget kan die punye kitchen set.

Actually there's more design and style that i love so much in local magazine that i purchased every month like Impiana, Apartment, Anjung Seri, ID..btw all these pictures above i got from Small Place Style, one inspiration blog for those who have a limited space house.

Sekian sesi buah berangan ibu untuk harini..kalau dapat suatu hari nanti Ahamdulillah..kalo tak dapat pon takpe..bak kata my friend, berangan bukan pakai duit pon!hihi

Monday, March 12, 2012

weekend kami

On saturday, bermalas-malasan di atas katil adalah perkara biasa..and usually the kids will wake me up..ahhh..wait 5 more minute plis!tapi nak dengar ke die?espcially ammar yang langsung tak ade istilah 'warming up' as soon as he wake up every single morning..celik mata terus cari kerja..but the sweetest one was when he kissed me on my lips (kiss dengan mulut terbuka ok..haha) sampaikan meleleh2 saliva kat muke ibu..hahaha tapi takpe..ibu kan suke bau mulut awak ;)

After ibu did a little spruce up here and there (kemas sikit2 jer sebab biasanya weekend aku tak basuh!), ibu mennggedik nak ikot ayah p bli roti canai..kat kedai mamak alam budiman jer pon tapi biaselah ibu awak ni kan suke 'jalan' keluarlah kami dengan 2 orang budak bucuk yang blum mandi..hihi

Selepas mengisi perut, kami bermalas-malasan sekali lagi..lepas solat zohor, ayah sekali lagi mengajak kami ke ACE dkat Saujana Utama..katanya mau purchase itu cd ustad selepas mandi2 wangi2 cantk2 kami pon ke sana tapi cd yang ayah nak tu takde pulak..hampir pukul 3 waktu tu..perut sekali lagi nyanyi2 lagu yuna terukir di bntang (tetiba yuna kan..sbb ibu suke lagu tu skrg kot :p) so ayah pon bawak kami mkn kfc..ana mkn banyak!sepinggan chicken rice and seketui drumstick die habiskan..burpp..Alhamdulillah...

Kami pulang sebentar sebab ayah nak solat Asar kat rumah..tapi ibu pulak nak bawak kami ke playground..hihi ade-adeeee jer ibu awak ni kan?ok dipendekkan cerita sekali lagi kami diusung ke KFC extreme park..itu jela tempat main yang aman damai tanpa sesak napas ibu melayan..sebab tak ramai budak2 kan..sambil2 tu ayah boleh lepak2 bawah payung sambil menghirup 7up with mint and lemon kan..nyaman je..:)

Dah dekat nak mahghrib, kami pon berangkat pulang..ibu ngengade nak Starbucks tapi ayah tak kose nak layan dah..haha so malam tu kami lepak2 kat rumah jer sambil layan2 muvie kat astro..

On Sunday pulak, seperti biase bermalas-malasan lagi di atas katil..hihi dah pkul 9 macam tu kami pon bersiap2 nak ke Bangi pulak..dat morning kami breakfast di Bukit restaurant sebelah Assam pedas..ibu lupe nama kedai tu tapi nasik kerabu mokcik kelate tu buleh tahan sedap :)

Kami sampai di bangi kire2 pukul hour later kakyong and a.ameer pon sampai.. we had a great time!playing,running, jumping,dancing sampai ke petang..before we went back home, kami hantar kakyong n a.amer balik rumah..ciklong jamu kitorang keropok lekor..pukul 6 camtu kami pon pulang dan tertunailah hasrat ibu nak Starbucks..ayah belikan hot choc favourite ibu kat Subang Skypark on our way back!hihi gracias ayah!:)

Kami sampai rumah nak dekat pukul 8..malam tu kami tido awal sebab kepenatan dan that was our weekend!hoping for the better and more productive weekend next week..

p/s : ibu nak ajak ayah gotong royong garden nxt wk!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Solat :Terapi Semulajadi


Got this from one of my Fb's friend, this is the link..and i think i need to keep this and share with you all,peeps..and for self reminder too..

Banyak cabaran nak pastikan amalan solat kita dalam keadaan ‘tip-top’, antaranya solat di awal waktu. Disertakan fakta sains sebagai motivasi untuk kita lebih bersungguh mematuhi waktu yang disusun oleh Allah Yang Maha Mengetahui apa yang baik buat hambaNya.

Setiap peralihan waktu solat sebenarnya menunjukkan perubahan tenaga alam ini yang boleh diukur dan dicerap melalui perubahan warna alam. Rasanya fenomena perubahan warna alam adalah sesuatu yang tidak asing bagi mereka yang terlibat dalam bidang fotografi.

Sebagai contoh, pada waktu subuh alam berada dalam spektrum warna biru muda yang bersamaan dengan frekuensi tiroid yang mempengaruhi sistem metabolisma tubuh. Jadi warna biru muda atau waktu Subuh mempunyai rahsia berkaitan dengan penawar/rezeki dan komunikasi.

Mereka yang kerap tertinggal waktu Subuhnya ataupun terlewat secara berulang-ulang kali, lama kelamaan akan menghadapi masalah komunikasi dan rezeki. Ini kerana tenaga alam iaitu biru muda tidak dapat diserap oleh tiroid yang mesti berlaku dalam keadaan roh dan jasad bercantum (keserentakan ruang dan masa) – dalam erti kata lain jaga daripada tidur. Disini juga dapat kita cungkil akan rahsia diperintahkan solat diawal waktu. Bermulanya saja azan subuh, tenaga alam pada waktu itu berada pada tahap optimum. Tenaga inilah yang akan diserap oleh tubuh melalui konsep resonan pada waktu rukuk dan sujud. Jadi mereka yang terlewat subuhnya sebenarnya sudah mendapat tenaga yang tidak optimum lagi.

Warna alam seterusnya berubah ke warna hijau (isyraq & dhuha) dan kemudian warna kuning menandakan masuknya waktu Zuhur. Spektrum warna pada waktu ini bersamaan dengan frekuensi perut dan hati yang berkaitan dengan sistem penghadaman. Warna kuning ini mempunyai rahsia yang berkaitan dengan keceriaan. Jadi mereka yang selalu ketinggalan atau terlewat Zuhurnya berulang-ulang kali dalam hidupnya akan menghadapi masalah di perut dan hilang sifat cerianya. Orang yang tengah sakit perut ceria tak ?

Kemudian warna alam akan berubah kepada warna oren, iaitu masuknya waktu Asar di mana spektrum warna pada waktu ini bersamaan dengan frekuensi prostat, uterus, ovari dan testis yang merangkumi sistem reproduktif. Rahsia warna oren ialah kreativiti. Orang yang kerap tertinggal Asar akan hilang daya kreativitinya dan lebih malang lagi kalau di waktu Asar ni jasad dan roh seseorang ini terpisah (tidur la tu …). Dan jangan lupa, tenaga pada waktu Asar ni amat diperlukan oleh organ-organ reproduktif kita.

Menjelang waktu Maghrib, alam berubah ke warna merah dan di waktu ini kita kerap dinasihatkan oleh orang-orang tua agar tidak berada di luar rumah. Ini kerana spektrum warna pada waktu ini menghampiri frekuensi jin dan iblis (infra-red) dan ini bermakna jin dan iblis pada waktu ini amat bertenaga kerana mereka resonan dengan alam. Mereka yang sedang dalam perjalanan juga seelok-eloknya berhenti dahulu pada waktu ini (solat Maghrib dulu la …) kerana banyak interferens (pembelauan) berlaku pada waktu ini yang boleh mengelirukan mata kita. Rahsia waktu Maghrib atau warna merah ialah keyakinan, pada frekuensi otot, saraf dan tulang.

Apabila masuk waktu Isyak, alam berubah ke warna Indigo dan seterusnya memasuki fasa Kegelapan. Waktu Isyak ini menyimpan rahsia ketenteraman dan kedamaian di mana frekuensinya bersamaan dengan sistem kawalan otak. Mereka yang kerap ketinggalan Isyaknya akan selalu berada dalam kegelisahan.

Alam sekarang berada dalam Kegelapan dan sebetulnya, inilah waktu tidur dalam Islam. Tidur pada waktu ini dipanggil tidur delta dimana keseluruhan sistem tubuh berada dalam kerehatan. Selepas tengah malam, alam mula bersinar kembali dengan warna putih, merah jambu dan seterusnya ungu di mana ianya bersamaan dengan frekuensi kelenjar pineal, pituitari, talamus dan hipotalamus. Tubuh sepatutnya bangkit kembali pada waktu ini dan dalam Islam waktu ini dipanggil Qiamullail.

Begitulah secara ringkas perkaitan waktu solat dengan warna alam. Manusia kini sememangnya telah sedar akan kepentingan tenaga alam ini dan inilah faktor adanya bermacam-macam kaedah meditasi yang dicipta seperti taichi, qi-gong dan sebagainya. Semuanya dicipta untuk menyerap tenaga-tenaga alam ke sistem tubuh.

Kita sebagai umat Islam sepatutnya bersyukur kerana telah dikurniakan syariat solat oleh Allah s.w..t tanpa perlu kita memikirkan bagaimana hendak menyerap tenaga alam ini. Hakikat ini seharusnya menginsafkan kita bahawa Allah s.w.t mewajibkan solat ke atas hambanya atas sifat pengasih dan penyayang-Nya sebagai pencipta kerana Dia tahu hamba-Nya ini amat-amat memerlukannya. Adalah amat malang sekali bagi kumpulan manusia yang amat cuai dalam menjaga solatnya tapi amat berdisiplin dalam menghadiri kelas taichinya.

Allah is The Great!! Allah is The All-Knowing!! We are so blessed to be muslim and to be allowed to see Ramadhan again this year….

“Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?”
“Maka nikmat Tuhan kamu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan?”

Semoga dengan sedikit perkongsian ini kita semua akan lebih BERSYUKUR kerana kita dilahirkan sebagai hambaNya dan sebagai ummat Islam. Sesungguhnya kekuasaanNya tiada tolak bandingan.

Wallahualam :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One year jab!


Since my camera is still merajuk dengan tuan dia, so the story goes without any pictures in it..sure boring!but i still wanna tell ya that Ammar got his one year jab yesterday at Klinik Dr.Zaini..little bit dissappointed as Dr.Zaini was not around and replaced by Dr.Syed..he was ok but we have been familiar with our cute and friendly Dr.Zaini..

Ammar was ok at first especially when he can play at the mini playground at the clinic with kakak..tak hengat dunia hokay!running here and there..but the mood suddenly changed when we entered the room and getting worst when the assistant wanted to put him on the weighing machine!there u go!he cried out loud just like that assistant wanted to take him away from me..haha but after ber'goo goo-gaa gaa' we managed to put him on that machine..surprisingly he is 13 kg and no wonder la ayah don't want to carry you anymore in that carrier..saket belakang woo..hihi

Then, another drama started, this time that assistant wanted to lay him down on the bed so that it is much easier to 'cucuk montot' die..haha sekali lagi meraung2 bagaikan merayu tak nak dicucuk..haha so kesian!but for not making the situation got worse and let him muntah kat situ sebab nangis banyak sangat, both of us hold him very tight and the doctor jab die cepat2..and finally DONE!fuh..

Actually, before this, with Dr,zaini, he was just ok with no tantrum at all..and yes maybe just a little bit of crying right after been jabbed but that's it!lepas tu ok i guess this must be because he didn't get enough sleep before entering the doctor's room..u knowlah bila budak2 penat dan tak cukup tidur camtulah jadinya..huhu

Then, since Ammar was ok, i decided to go to IKEA and ayah just ok with it..dah alang2 ayah cuti kan..ibu memang terer bab2 mengambil kesempatan ni..kah3 actually i wanna look for a BIG box..u hear me?a BIG BOX!YES..A VERY BIG ONE!to put toys yang sangat banyak ini..hadoila..kalau nak pindah nanti sure kena sewa lori khas untuk memuatkan semua barang2 mainan ni..yang sendiri beli ,yang orang kasi, yang budak2 ni mengarot lagi ..hish3!budak2 jaman sekarang..ibu dulu the only barang permainan ibu was a TEDDY BEAR sahaja!one for me and one for your beloved auntie..itu pon malam2 teddy bear tu kena tido luaq..haha my parents was very strict about toys inside the house which they said that will not allowed Malaikat Rahmat to enter the house..that's why we always sleep in peace every night even in one small room ..maybe kami dilindungi oleh malaikat rahmat ini.. ok!ibu rindu kampun halaman..sob sob!:)

So that day 'tangkapan' kami hanyalah that big box,2 rectangular dining plates, 2 pillows and on our way back i bought my favourite lily..:)

And that night , DIY project started..we found a nice cloth at only RM15 per metre by chance at MACY clearance sale..actually it was kain langsir but since the price was reasonable and the monochromme pattern which i love so much, why not kan?so we grabbed 4 metres and wallah!the plain white comot sofa had been transformed to an elegant and exclusive couch!hihi

Will upload the pix later,pray hard i can have my camera back..what a bland story ithout the pictures kan?

See ya!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

falling for felt


Few days ago i had google about felt craft and I fell in love with it all of sudden!YES, i love cute staff and double love if i can do it myself..and for those who know me, they surely know that i love baking and decorating cakes or cupcakes but with this 2 kids that use most of my time, i can't even have time decorate the cakes properly and be creative with my the passion must be suppressed for the time being..maybe when they get older, i can bake again,hopefully!

Ok2 back to the topic again..i never knew that this felt stuff is soooo cute..when i saw one of my friend's art work which she transformed a plain pillow into a cute pillow with the name and cartoons on it, i became so excited!that is too cute and i wanna make one for my kid too! so i do some research on how to sew them,collect some ideas, stuff that i need and finally i found this!

This is perfect for a starter like me!hee~

and people..please look at these cute felt crafty..they look so adorable rite!i have save some other collections too which i got from the internet..will surely try to make them i'm trying my hands with those stitches that usually used in felt craft (blanket stitch, back stitch and outline stitch)..still trying to sew them neatly :)

While i'm trying hard to make this stuff, please enjoy some pix that i found on google!

really H.E.A.R.T this!!

This is from Aliaa's website :)

Turning those simple and boring clock into this doesn't bad at all rite?

Owl cards..mikylayna's art work that really make me inspired!

Will learn how to make this too!Oh so excited!

That's all for now!CUTE STUFF, here i come!!:)