Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Balik kampung - Sekayu Feb 2012


Halloo there?how are ya?its been a while not reading and updating blogs..anyone miss me?i bet nope..haha

Btw we actually balik kampung last week for 5 days..thanx hubby for making it real..really miss my hometown and of course my mama and papa..miss my mom's cooking too..her nasi dagang and masak lemak cili api ayam are the best in town!hehe but that day tak sempat makan nasik dagang my mom coz we already had it during kenduri tahlil my aunty who passed away 1 week before..Al-faatihah..and also miss the beach,mknn2 kat warung tepi pantai like keropok lekor,cendol,goreng pisang and many more lah..it takes few days to name them all..haha and u know what, i just found out one new favourite snack kat sana which is bayam goreng or tempura bayam..they dipped the bayam in tempura batter and fry them..just like u make goreng pisang tu kan..and it taste goood and healthy too except for the deep frying la..hehe btw 5 days is never enough to me but Alhamdulillah at least i was able to enjoy a meaningful time with my family..:)

On the 3rd day, we went to Sekayu!huhu planned for barbeque activity but cancelled at the last minute due to some reasons..and one of the reason is sebab tak cukup kaki tangan nak melayan si kenit2 ni and bbq at the same time ...kang nanti ade yang terbbq anak sendiri kang..haha

Actually i took some pictures there but my camera is still mogok and i cannot download pictures from it..so sad!

That's all for now!Sayonara!

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