Monday, January 30, 2012

Pumpkin soup for dinner last nite


I'm back after few weeks of silence..just a short entry since my kids still sleeping here and my hubby's not home yet..this is our menu for dinner last nite..served with gardenia sandwich bread..kalo ade bun lagi terangkat..since tadak so just makan ape yang hado jer..hehe

Actually the recipe is just similar with the mushroom soup i had posted before and as i mentioned earlier, the recipe which using the cream is more delicious compared to the one using those corn starch,flour or any thickening agent to thickened the soup ( this conclusion is made from my few experiments making the soup) and the brand of the cream that i use is Nestle which u can get from your baking suppliers or even at giant,tesco..tapi a bit expensive yaw..the small can cost you rm7.60..but it's ok..janji the soup you make is sebijik like the one at Secret Recipe..hehe

pic source : goggle
Here is the recipe..please try!haha


1/2 medium-sized pumpkin
1 large onion - chopped
1 small can of cream
1 cube chicken stock
1 cup water
2 tbs curry powder
salt and pepper to taste

1) Cut your pmpkin into small dice and boil in the water
2) Mashed your boiled pumpkin
3) In a pot, saute your chopped onion and add in cream and chicken cube
4) Then, add in your mashed pumpkin and stir
5) Add in water and curry powder and let it boil
6) Lastly add in some salt and pepper

Ready to be served with sliced bread or bun :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mushroom soup and Garlic bread


Tomorrow Ammar will turn 11months time flies one month time he will turn 1 year..been thinking either we want to celebrate his 1st birthday or not..actually i want to but thinking of he's still small and tak tau ape2 about celebration buat aku fikir banyak kali..tengokla dulu yer nak..kite discuss ngan ayah dulu..bukan ape..nanti anak ternganga2 tak tau ape yang berlaku mak jer excited tepuk2 lompat2 sane sini...hihihi

But i really wanna bake his birthday cake on my own..because i never get a chance to bake my kid's birthday cake yet..hopefully this time menjadi la yer..and if we want to celebrate pon, maybe just between families and close friends.

Ok2 forget about celebration first..i wanna share this mushroom soup and garlic bread recipe..been searching for the best mushroom soup recipe bcause all this while my soup not delicious as the one in Pizza hut lor..but i tell you this one is really the BEST MUSHROOM SOUP recipe u've ever tasted..sebijik like soup in pizza hut or even tastier..:)

I got this recipe from Zakiah fotopages..actually a bit skeptical to try this new recipe as i just stick to another recipe i got from one also deliciuos but to me kureng kick lar..however after go tru the recipe, it called for cooking cream..ermm a bit different from i've been doing before..since i have one can of cream in my pantry so i decided to try this one this here we go lets see the recipe :)


SOURCE : Zakiahz Fotopages

1/2 biji bawang besar - dicincang halus
3 ulas bawang putih - dicincang
50gm- 100gm cendawan butang - dicincang juga
200ml Krim masakan
lada hitam yg ditumbuk (serbuk pun boleh jugak) & lada putih
1 cube ayam/ 1 cawan air rebusan ayam
2 sudu kecil tepung jagung - dibancuh dlm 1 cawan air
sedikit daun parsley cincang
oregano atau herba spagheti
1-2 sudu besar butter/minyak zaitun/minyak masak

Cara :

1. Panaskan butter/minyak di dlm periuk.
2. Tumiskan bawang besar & bawang putih sampai garing sedikit.
3. Masukkan cendawan butang cincang, lada hitam & lada putih, tumis sekitar 5 minit.
4. Masukkan krim masakan, cube ayam/air rebusan ayam, biarkan sampai mendidih.
5. Masukkan oregano atau herba spagheti.
6. Kemudian masukkan bancuhan tepung jagung & garam secukup rasa.
7. Biarkan mendidih sekali lagi kemudian ditutup api.
8. Bila nak menghidang, taburkan sedikit daun parsley cincang di atasnya sebagai hiasan.

***Kalau rasa sup ni pekat sangat, campurkan lagi sedikit air ataupun susu segar.

Roti putih - disapu dengan butter , ditabur dengan bawang putih yg dicincang, kemudian daun parsley/ketumbar cincang, dibakar dlm oven toaster ( 5 minit) / oven (suhu 180C, 20 minit) /grill

Roti perancis - dihiris 1- 1 1/2 inci, disapu butter setiap belah, diletak bawang putih cincang & daun parsley cincang hanya satu belah, dibalut dgn aluminum foil & dibakar dlm oven pada suhu 200C selama 15-20 minit... yang ni memang best! macam yang kat pizza hut tu!

Selamat Mencuba!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Best ever chocolate muffin!


Last 2 days i bake this muffin..craving for something chocolatey again but looking for something simple and can be prepared less than 30 minutes (while my prince and princess sleeping)..visiting Bisousatoi's kitchen and i was stuck with the lovely muffin that are so rich with chocolate chip on the lovely if i can get a bite without preheating the oven,weighing, mixing the ingredients..or washing all the tools later of course..haha

So, after check out the recipe, i went to my pantry..gathering and weighing the ingredients so that easy to mix them up later..and only then i realized one thing..the recipe call for the buttermilk and mine was already expired..haih..

So asked Mr.Google again for help and i found the substitution for the buttermilk..thank God!

Here is the formula :

1 cup of Buttermilk = 1 cup of milk + 1tbs of lemon

Here is the recipe..and for those who want to see the 'rupa kejadian' muffin ni please click the link below..tq :)

Mine is still in the camera and sangat malas nak upload!muahaha


Source : Bisous A Toi

100 g unsalted butter
125g dark cooking chocolate
100 ml buttermilk
2 eggs - whisk lightly with fork
175g all purpose flour
15g cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
1tsp baking soda
50g dark brown sugar
50g castor sugar
1/2 tsp salt
100g black cherry/ choc chips

1) Melt butter and pour inside dark chocolate - set aside to warmish
2) Add buttermilk to butter/chocolate mixture and continue to stir..add whisked eggs and stir again - set aside
3) In a big bowl, sift flour, baking powder, baking soda and cocoa powder..add brown sugar, castor sugar and salt..mix together
4) One mixed, add wet mixture into the dry ingredients - Stir lightly and DO NOT OVERMIX
5) Pour batter into favourite muffin cup
6) Bake in preheated oven of 175C for 20 minutes

Best serve warm!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 resolutions


It's been a while not updating my usual not going anywhere just been busy 'menguruskan rumah' and spending time with kids and hubby who was on leave for few days back..

Kelihatannya life from kelmarin sungguh membosankan since my hubby dah habis bercuti and kami tidak lagi dapat kehulu kehilir mencari alasan untuk keluar..bermula hari ni silalah duduk diam2 dalam rumah sendiri..

Ok2 dah namenyer new year resolutions kan so haruslah ade few things that need to be highlighted for this year..tok sahla merepek2 lagi dah..sebelom tu happy new year you all..walopun dah 6 hari terlewat..wink!

So here is the list yang terfikir sekarang..kalau ade pasni aku tambah! boleh pulak eh..

1) No more tarzan in the house!this is the first and the there any parenting tips for me not to yell everytime my kids cranky mranky?bukan membebel eh..tapi menjerit..aku rase macam kalau cakap slow2 ni diorang tak paham (as masing2 wat muka nonon jer) tapi bile kite cakap kuat they will respond..i know its not healthy thats y i want to change this habit..but i think this is so hard and that is the reaosn why i put this on top of the list..sila cuba!

2) Bangun awal pagi and no more extra nap after subuh!also very the tough..hahaha as my hubby off a bit late to office every morning..which is about 8 or 9am like that it makes me lazy to start my morning earlier and prefer to take extra nap after solat..also not healthy..actually pada waktu itulah diturunkan rezeki pada hamba-Nya so kepada yang tido alangkah ruginya mereka..termasuk aku la tu kan..wuhuhu dah tau tapi buat jugak...aiyoo..

3) Berusaha lebih gigih lagi menjaga solat dan mengajak Ana solat bersama setiap kali- Aku tak nak anak2 aku jadi cam aku dulu yang sangat liat nak solat..ketega' habis walopun selalu kene marah ngan mama..ampun ma..jadi harusla didik dari awal anak2ku ini ya..

4) Menu list for 1 week- untuk mengelakkan aku migrain memikirkan lauk pauk yang harus dihidang setiap hari..wakaka over tau!tapi betol ni..kalau tiap hari mikir nak masak ape,nak masak ape pening baikla buat perancangan awal..nak shopping lauk pon senang!

5) Meng'iron' baju hubby for 1 week- eh cam kenal jer ni!hihihi actually ni azam taun lepas kot..hahaha dah berjaya dah tapi tak konsisten..takdela sampai die kene iron sendiri cam dolu2 kan..tapi pagi tu la ko nak masak, ko nak ngemas, ko nak iron baju..harusla tak sempat kan..kelam kabut amat..wajib iron pada hari weekend..kene kurangkan aktiviti weeekend kot..hurmm..

6) Kurangkan pembaziran - ini salah satu sebab nak kena plan menu..kitorang jenis shopping lauk pauk sminggu sekali so almaklumla sayur mayur ni kalau tak digunakan terus dalam minggu tu jawabnye berkulat or lembik and lastly masuk tong sampah..very the membazir..banyak kali berlaku..dan tak nak buat dah plis..same jugak kalo p shopping..macam sume bende ko nak masok dalam troli tu kan..last2 tak terguna and terpaksa dilenyapkan dari pandangan..

7) Me'lotion'kan kedua2 anak2 ku tiap hari lepas mandi- ni kene masuk list azam taun baru gak ke??haha oleh sebab aku teringin anak2 au jadi putih gebus tanpa skeleng 10sen diatasnye harus ku kuatkan ingatan ku untuk ini..sorila nak..mak ni nyanyok..dah letak siap2 dalam bakul tu pon lupe jugak kadang2..

8) Lebih bertanggungjawab kepada tabung PTPTN!nyampah japs!ok2 aku akan bayar secara konsisten pasni insyaAllah..abeh da..mesken la aku pahni...

9) Nak cari kerja lagi- walopun aku dah separa pasrah..aku tetap gigih jugak nak cari lagi untuk tidak menghampakan mak aku nun..cari kerja pon separa rela tu yang tuhan tak makbul tu..adoilar..

10) Last but not least- nak jadi yang terbaik untuk si suami..mahu beri yang terbaik..mahu jadi istri solehah..jauhi aku dari sifat M.A.L.A.S....aku ni kalo datang angin tu, aku akn malas segala-galanya..wahai cik M.A.L.A.S sila pergi jauh2!syuh2!

Itu jerla azam aku setakat ni..azam aku ni takdelar sekelas azam orang lain kot..tak de nak berazam nak jelajah seluruh dunia ke, nak naik ke bulan ke, nak beg LV ke, nak iPhone ke..mak tak mampu hokay...hhehe yang ada ni pon atas ehsan si suami..ALHAMDULILLAH...

Untuk Kamu Ya habibi!

Google on how to post videos on my taraaa!!hehe

First video here is for my dear hubby..:)