Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December!


Finally it's December!our month of celebration..actually this coming 4th Dec is my hubby's birthday and ten days later, 14th Dec is mine..actually i am planning something on his birthday..something like candle light dinner (CLD ngan anak2 boleh?)haha so last week duk busy2 la mencari menu untuk dimasak dah ade la dalam kepala menu for appetizer,main dish,dessert and birthday cake!drinks pon dah plan tau..(semangat tak hengat)but unfortunately after checked the calendar yesterday, his birthday is on weekend (Sunday) which he will be at home the whole no more suprise lor..and last nite her niece asked us wether we are free this weekend..they plan to go mandi manda at Lost World of Tambun..emmm lagila hancus berderai harapan ku nak buat seperais...

So for now im totally blank..nak celebrate ke tak nak.....

Oklar kite lupe dulu pasai celebration,suprise its about Ammar..After 2 weeks of fever,1 month of swollen gums and excessive drool, finally the firts teeth came out yesterday..YEY!so Ammar his first teeth now and he can geget me i sound happy here? (ok weird!)

the cheeky face!

never get tired lof smiling..that's my boy!

Oklar..that's the update for now..take care people!


  1. comelnyerrr..wish happy besday 2 you awal2...

  2. alahahiii ensem nye dia kak.......jatuh cinta~~~ :p

  3. belinda : tq dear

    sha : u sehat ke?how's the morning sickness anyway?jatuh cintas eh?nnt your baby lagi cute :)