Sunday, May 23, 2010

singapore part 2

halloo halloo..waduh2..malas skali mau online sejak bercuti sminggu ni..hehe kan dah datang penyakit MALAS since tak sempat nak cite2 kat u olll secare detail i will combine the stories from day 3rd -4th here yah..jgn marah k..ampun buk..:p

ok on the 3rd day my hubby free the wholeday..hooray!!so bangun pagi2 makan spaggheti goreng yg sgt sedap (sy masak kay!not from room service :p)..then siap2 we went to suntec city..kitorang gerak ngan kawan2 hubby..there was an exhibition there and only architects were allowed to get tinggallah sy, hubby elisya, bibik and the babies...ana khadeeja and we decided to have a walk around suntec city which consist of 5 towers..rasenyer kitorang just pusing2 around tower 2 and 3 jer kot..nothing much there...:(

then, after the exhibition we took a cab and having lunch dkt kampung glam..since the babies dah cranky mranky, we just had our quick lunch with ruqayyah while elisya's family went back to the hotels coz si danny dah meragam...maybe due to hot whether and also kelaparan!they forgot to bring danny's porridge..cian danny..

since ana khadeeja pon dah ngantok and both of us pon dah letih we decided to balik hotel..on the afternoon we took a cab again and went to bugis junction..this one i LIKE!!sales sane sini..eventhough singapore sales blom start lagi...kat sini they have LEVIS,PONEY,CAMPUS and mcm2 lagi...adeh~~~ rabun sudah!!cant u imagine LEVIS for ladies S$ 150++ and now u can get only at SGD 29??sy mmg nak beli tapi almalangnyer takde size la pulak..size yg ader design die tak berkenan di hati la pasrah jerlar...ayat2 pasrah!wek!:p

for ana khadeeja ibu belikan (ayah bayar k) CAMPUS shirts, PONEY jeans yg mane both at only SGD 16 each..murah giler kan...padahal harge asal die dlm SGD 30+ tau...suke2!and another one for ana khadeeja is the black shirts with a very cute embroidery bear at the front..suke lagi!

untukku??mesti ade kan..wajiblar...keh2...ayh belikan ibu ADIDAS bag yang ku idam2kan same ini..wah...tak murah tau sbb takde sale..tapi ayah belikan jugak..thanx cyg...muah2!!LAP U!!

then, we went to Clarke quay..pd asalnyer terfikir la jugak ape yg bestnyer Clarke Quay nih...actually it is a historical riverside quay in Singapore, located within the Singapore River Planning is the entertainment spots for a the great night out.khas untuk non-muslim lar rayau punyer rayau at first mmg ktorang nk give up dah looking for halal restaurant..then we met elisya..she said there is one halal restarant there selling kebab..kebab lagi..its ok..jyst give it a try kan..not bad kalo u oll terpergi to this place boleyla try k..the name is Shirraz Mazzeh restaurant..suke la name kedai ni..sebut lagi skali SHIRRAZ MAZZEH...haha :p

so below is the pictures for our 3rd day..ENJOY!!

wif cristian ronaldo (betol ejaan ni kan?:p)

inilah danny...
nmpk ana sgt tembam kan eventhough dorang ni beza 10 hari jek..:)

Suntec City Exhibition Hall

clarke quay

ana...why la suke wat muke camtu..

waiting for kebab kat shirraz mazzeh

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