Monday, March 8, 2010

drum roll plis..!!!


FINALLY!!after a long wait..i have one personal blog for me to share,inform, and nag anything yang aku suke or aku tak suke..hehe

wanna know more about me?gotta keep reading lah yer...basically im a SAHM(stay at home mom) but actually not only working on house chores and kid(s) as i have my own hobbies aka online can consider me as WAHM(work at home mom) kah??

i get married when i was 22 yrs me 22 is still so young as woman nowadays prefer to get married after 25 or first la kan..2month after that,i was expecting and now my little princess,WAN ANA KHADEEJA is 9month already and in process of learning to walk aka getting married to sumone dat i never own lecturer..hehehe but yes!he's the most understanding man on earth!!y i said on earth..u will find out later..jeng jeng jeng!

im consider this blog as my personal blog as i can speak out anything freely (not the sensitive issues la kan..) and as my diary for me to jot down the sweet and unforgettable memories i went through my self reminder on what i should do and what i shouldn't..and also for me to share with moms out there especially SAHM to be more appreciative to themselves by few tips i get from research..will share with u later..

warning!plis be patient with my broken english ya..trying to use proper english but still can not tinggal my mother's language..wakaka..alasan!:)

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