Tuesday, March 16, 2010

we're in red mood

not much yang nak di update..last sunday went to hubby's ofismate wedding..

slamat pengantin baru zaimah zainal..hik hik

sebelum bertolak sempat lagi berposim ok...check out the pictures..

i love this picture so very much!!

my sweet heart...

bile ibu da start berposim~

i love u ana!!!

still waiting for our picture together wif pengantin baru..:)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


bored of this topic?well im not okay!

as we all know, SAHM is stand for STAY AT HOME MOM..but i just found out another definition for it..guess what?SEXY AND HOT MAMA...wakaka knape yer saye cam berminat sgt ngan topic ni..pertame skali of course bcoz saye slh sorang daripadenyer currently and just to share with another SAHM out there that being a SAHM is not a reason for not being sexy,gorgeous,hot and etc..smmgnyer being a homemaker will take ur 24/7 but u should also need to have 'me' time...Be committed to taking regular breaks away from your children. It's easy to brush off the importance of "me time" but it's a must to keep you at your best.

now, i am thinking of my own basic shedule for me to list down the activities i should do in one day properly..and plis pray for me smoge aku ikot jadual tersebut..hehe so here is the MUST DO list yang duk bermain2 dlm kpale ni...

start from now on, i need an alarm clock to wake me up from sleepless nite..tapi skrg ni Alhamdulillah..my baby is now 9 month old and not wake me up regularly every nite anymore..i just need to feed her before she goes to sleep and she will wake up subuh keesokan harinyer tuk isi minyak lagi..:) but the problem is sometimes die tak terjage di subuh hari tu dan aku la yang menggelabah tak hingat..subuh kemane,breakfast ke mane,pakaian keje hubby ke mane...soo..kesimpulannyer di sini bangunla awal2 pagi supaye semua keje dpt dibereskan before kebangkitan ana khadeeja..hehe

dan..kije2 tersebut adelah...
1. have a shower n solat n berdandan..(wah..sempat lagi tu..)
2. prepare the breakfast (need to have list of breakfast of the day k..)
3. iron baju kije hubby (biasenyer hubby ak iron sendirik jer..so ak kne menambahkan tahap kerajinan aku pasni)
4. jemur kain n sapu laman (yang ni i like!dunno y..can consider this as 'me time' kot..)
5. kemas umah (tak banyak pon kne kmas..kmas ana punyer mainan jer..vacum n mopping hanye dilakukan di hujung minggu)
6. bile hubby g kije.ape lagi..berinternet la..:)) (yang ni I LIKE!!!)

after beberape jam berinternet dgn gangguan (ana si monster yang comey), i shud now pk apekah menu tuk lunch arini..biasenyer i love simple menu..kicap ngan ikan masin pon jalan..selain memudahkan kije,mase tuk berinternet aka berbisnes jugak bertambah..wakakak tapi takkan la tipa2 hari nak makan kicap ngan ikan masin kan..gilak ka...bertambah2 melanin kicap dlm bdn hubby aku..hehe

Monday, March 8, 2010

sigh..mood changed..

this is supposed to be an exciting week as im still waiting for my new 'baby' to arrive here..but BAD NEWS to me..VERY VERY BAD ONE okay!!!

the 'baby' yang i maksudkan is....

YES!!HYUNDAI MATRIX okay!!yang mane my hubby cakap tak lepas..so takde hyundai matrix buatku....

huuu sedeynyer...sob sob sob...nak g nanges jap!!:(

drum roll plis..!!!


FINALLY!!after a long wait..i have one personal blog for me to share,inform, and nag anything yang aku suke or aku tak suke..hehe

wanna know more about me?gotta keep reading lah yer...basically im a SAHM(stay at home mom) but actually not only working on house chores and kid(s) as i have my own hobbies aka online business..so can consider me as WAHM(work at home mom) kah??

i get married when i was 22 yrs old..to me 22 is still so young as woman nowadays prefer to get married after 25 or sumting..career first la kan..2month after that,i was expecting and now my little princess,WAN ANA KHADEEJA is 9month already and in process of learning to walk aka bertatih..im getting married to sumone dat i never expected..my own lecturer..hehehe but yes!he's the most understanding man on earth!!y i said on earth..u will find out later..jeng jeng jeng!

im consider this blog as my personal blog as i can speak out anything freely (not the sensitive issues la kan..) and as my diary for me to jot down the sweet and unforgettable memories i went through life..as my self reminder on what i should do and what i shouldn't..and also for me to share with moms out there especially SAHM to be more appreciative to themselves by few tips i get from research..will share with u later..

warning!plis be patient with my broken english ya..trying to use proper english but still can not tinggal my mother's language..wakaka..alasan!:)